First Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Footage Shown at E3

Battlefied 3 was arguably the most anticipated title in EA’s line-up for their press conference at E3, and the game definitely didn’t fail to dazzle audiences during the show when it was demonstrated.

DICE general manager, Karl Magnus took to the stage to inform us on what the new blockbuster title would contain, starting with a trailer for the company’s new Frostbite 2 engine. The video showed different character animations, as well as a much improved version of the now famous building destruction seen in the Battlefield series. Bullets were fired and buildings collapsed in a shower of smoke and debris, but despite the impressive show Karl was quick to move on to his next point, and after hearing what it was, I can understand why he was so excited.

Following the Frostbite 2 trailer, we were treated to the worldwide reveal of the first footage from Battlefield 3’s multiplayer mode. Set in Paris, the short trailer was packed with chaotic shoot-outs and explosions all over the city, even including the underground metro system! We were specifically told that the map shown was a close quarters infantry map, and so there were no vehicles seen, but that didn’t stop it from being highly action packed! To see the trailer, check out

We then moved onto a much slower paced piece of action as we’ve “already seen how the infantry combat is in Battlefield 3“, however I’m not complaining as tank action was finally unveiled for the upcoming title, and it was explosive!
In the single player video shown, you are part of a fleet of tanks which are all traversing a large desert terrain towards a small village, but enemy tanks are soon spotted in the distance which sees you firing large explosive shells in order to defend yourself. It was big, it was loud, it was extremely good looking and it has left me literally begging for more as I await for the games release.

It was also announced that Battlefield 3 will contain a social side to it called “Battlelog“. Battlelog lets you create platoons, manage friends lists, check stats and more, and as the name suggests, it is very similar to the Need For Speed Autolog system.

Battlefield 3 will be releasing onto the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC simultaneously on the 25th of October, but gamers will be able to play the multiplayer modes before then in the multi-platform open beta starting in September.

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