Sony Press Conference Liveblog

The liveblog will start shortly.

01:15 After some delay, the Sony Press conference has finally begun!

01:16 A fancy 3D presentation is being shown with many games and the NGP is also present.

01:20 That montage was really quite something. A myriad of upcoming titles. Jack Tretton is coming onstage now.

01:21 Jack is talking about the PSN outage, making the serious issue of the network outage and apologizing  for the company. It’s good that Sony got this out of the way at the start of the conference.

01:24 Jack Tretton has announced their partnership with a cinema streaming company.

01:25 Naughty Dog takes the stage showing off an Uncharted 3 demo

01:27 Wow, Uncharted 3 has some really great lighting, more trademarked Uncharted platforming!

01:29 I must say, this and Battlefield 3 have the best graphics of the show by far.

01:31 Aaaand it’s over. What a fantastic demo by Naughty Dog. Uncharted 3 beta starts June 28th!

01:33 Wait a sec, it’s not over! A new 3D trailer is being shown. Naughty Dog’s handling of the Uncharted series is near flawless. Creating an everyman Indiana Jones, with each entry being completely separate from the other.

01:35 Insomniac takes the stage for Resistance 3. I must say, Resistance 3’s new direction and narrative really appeals to me as not just “another” military shooter.

01:40 Resistance 3 Sharpshooter bundle announced, with a gun, move controller and Resistance 3. God Of War Origins collection (the PSP games in HD) and the Ico Collection have been dated for september 2011

01:43 Playstation 3D display announced, a single Playstation branded 3DTV with individial 3D Splitscreen. In addition to this PlayStation 3D glasses have been  included as well as Resistance 3. Price = $499

01:45 2k Games have taken the stage with NBA2k12, the game includes comprehensive Playstation Move controls.

01:47 Kobe Bryant has taken to the stage to demo NBA2k12. “so realistic it’s frightening”

01:50 Medieval Moves is a fantasy game on PSMove being demoed onstage now. Looks for seamless gameplay with no weapon selections and seamless switching between weapons.

01:54 A very unimpressive show from Medieval Moves, the game itself and it’s mechanics look interesting but level design and enemies look uninspired and bland.

01:56 We are given one last look at Infamous 2, before it launches in the US tomorrow.

01:58 Little Big Planet 2 PSMove functionality improved later this year.

01:59 Looks like we’re getting a first look at Sony Santa Monica’s much anticipated title, Starhawk.

02:01 A new Sly Cooper game appears to be coming out!  Sony are pulling no punches in this conference!

02:02 Sly Cooper: Theives in Time coming 2012

02:03 Dust 514 is announced as an exclusive for PSN, EVE online also shares the same servers and interconnects itself! It shares the same universe as EVE online and a trailer is being shown now.

02:06 Dust 514 looks to be extremely impressive in the visuals department!

02:07 Bioshock: Infinite is now being shown, it’s whimsical steampunk allure makes the game very unique.

02:10 Ken Levine is on stage at Sony and his experience into becoming a “believer” of motion controls. Bioshock Infinite is to support Bioshock Infinite. Their new project will also debut on NGP.

02:13  Saints row: The third is to have exclusive modes and to be fully compatible with PSmove

02:14 Playstation Move Phaser Gun has just been announced as well as a new Star Trek game (Move compatible of course)

02:16 SSX is to have an exclusive Mt Fuji level only on PS3. Need for Speed: The Run is also to have 7 exclusive cars. Battlefield 3 is using the power of Blu-Ray to give Battlefield 1942 free on the disc.

02:18 Kaz Hirai takes the stage to talk about the NGP

02:21 Playstation Suite is debuting on Playstation certified Android devices and you can play them on your Playstation certified Smartphone.

02:22 Kaz Hirai is now showcasing the successor to the PSP. The Playstation VITA.

02:23 The Playstation Vita will have 3G and Wifi models for internet integration everywhere. AT&T is the exclusive partner to Playstation Vita‘s 3G capabilities.

02:25 Hirai is now showing off the social networking integrated into the Playstation Vita. Named Party and Near.

02:26 Uncharted: Golden Abyss is now being showcased by Sony, the handheld’s visual fidelity is almost exactly like the PS3.

02:30 Playstation Vita has additional inputs that the player can use while playing the game. The gameplay is almost exactly like the PS3 games but with additional touch controls.

02:33 Ruin is a game playable on Vita and PS3. Looks very much like Diablo.

02:35 Ruin saves to the cloud and you are able to pick up on the big screen exactly where you left off.

02:37  Modnation Racers announced for Playstation Vita

02:39 The touch panels are very intuitive and helps create tracks in Modnation Racers

02:41 Modnation Racers is backwards compatible with it’s tracks and carts.

02:42 Playstation Vita looks to be a pioneer for cloud/portable gaming and interactivity with the PS3.

02:43 Little Big Planet Vita is now being shown. Touch funvtionality looks to enhance the experience greatly.

02:46 Yoshinori Ono takes the stage and shows off Street Fighter X Tekken for Playstation Vita. Cole from Infamous is an exclusive fighter in this version of the game.

02:50  Street Fighter X Tekken, visually looks the same as the PS3 and 360 versions of the game. The PS3 version is also available to play at E3.

02:51 A montage of content is being shown, Including Uncharted, Wipeout and Little Big Planet.

02:55 Playstation Vita will be available this holiday season for $249 for the wifi version and $299 for the 3G version.

That’s all. That was one phenomenal press conference. Well played Sony, well played.

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