Cosplay Highlights at the London MCM Expo

The London MCM Expo is known for the abundance of attendees to return year after year in fantastic cosplays. This past May, there were a staggering amount of cosplays once again, more so than seen previously and it was difficult to spot people who weren’t in costume. On the Friday of the event, the ExCel hall also hosted a Medical Convention, with quite a few doctors and nurses giving curious looks to all of those in cosplay. Even though they didn’t know what cosplay was all about, they were intrigued and took photos of some cosplayers, who were only too happy to answer questions and pose for the camera.

Saturday at the Expo saw tens of thousands of people in fantastic costumes: some purchased and others handmade. All of those cosplayers who dressed in their own costumes could of course enter for the Cosplay Masquerade and EuroCosplay Qualifier. The MCM Fringe event was even bigger this year, and there were many meets from each fandom getting together to have photo shoots in cosplay and discuss their costumes as well as the show, game, film or book. The atmosphere was electric, with costumes turning heads.

Before the Cosplay Masquerade and EuroCosplay Qualifier, as spectators were taking their seats, TokyoToys’ own Pocky Ninja made an appearance. He ran around the hall to excited guests throwing out free gifts including Pockys, stickers and anime merchandise (including exclusive Black Butler and Naruto wall scrolls). MCM Buzz’s own Stuart Claw also gave out free gifts of merchandise from Win Win, The Green Lantern and Water for Elephants. “The Queen of Cosplay” – Granny Gertrude – took to the stage and hosted the events to a packed main stage audience.

On Saturday afternoon it was the EuroCosplay Qualifier. No less than 100 handmade costumes were shown to the crowd and judges, who cheered and applauded for each and every costume, as well as some brilliant and entertaining performance acts. The quality of the cosplays were breathtaking, and the detailing was fantastic, but there could be only one representative to go through to represent the UK in the EuroCosplay Championship, set to be hosted at the London MCM Expo this October. He was the last cosplayer to present himself on the stage, and you could tell that as soon as he stepped on, that he would be representing our country.

Neil Lockwood, known as Xaerael won the competition with this fantastic costume of SkekSil the Chamberlain. It took eight months to make and cost over £1000, with each glass eyeball costing around £80 each. The bird head could even blink, and was a little eerie because it looked so realistic. Under many layers of clothing, Xaerael was sweltering, and as soon as the competition was over, he began the tedious process of climbing out of the outfit, where his own fingers were connected so he could move each of the claws. What is even more fascinating is that the only way he could see where he was going, was with the aid of 3D glasses wired into a tiny camera on the front of the costume. It was a wonder to behold, and he is going to have a very tough time replicating something so brilliant for the Championship in 5 months time.

MCM Buzz managed to have a quick chat with Xaerael: “I’ve been entering the London MCM Expo Masquerades for a couple of years now, and every year the quality improves. “Winning” is never a sure thing, nor is it the most important thing for that matter: all anyone can do is try their best and enjoy themselves. Qualifying for the finals is a huge buzz. There was some serious competition, and I’m sure the judges had a hard time picking their winners. Everyone – whether they were on the stage at the end or not – was a winner. I’m really looking forward to representing both our country and MCM in the finals. We did pretty well in the last one with my housemate (Fatkraken) coming third. I’d really like us to get that coveted top spot this year though!”

If you want to have a closer look at his cosplays past,present and future; then have a look at his Cosplay Island page.

On the Sunday, the famous Cosplay Masquerade took place, and was as popular as always. Performers took to the stage to an admiring audience and the atmosphere was great fun, which is what the event is all about. If you missed out entering the masquerade this time, then before the event in the future, keep an eye out on the cosplay page on the London MCM Expo website as well as MCM Buzz. The wait for October has begun, where the quality of cosplay will no doubt be outstanding once again.

For some of our best shots, check out our highlights below.

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