Walking Dead Season 2, Video Game and Toys News And Pics!

With the second series currently filming in Atlanta GA ahead of its October return, news and pictures have sprung up regarding the world of The Walking Dead and some of the merchandise surrounding the series.

As we mentioned at the start of the piece, the second season of the TV series has begun filming and to celebrate this fact, AMC released two images of some new members of the un-dead fraternity (Click Below to enlarge).

Next up is news on a video proposed to set in the Walking Dead world. The game is being developed by gaming firm Telltale games (Who are currently working on a Jurassic Park game) and whilst information is scarce at the moment what we do know is that it will star an original character not found in the comics, named Lee Everett. Everett is an escaped convict who escapes the from custody during the zombie apocalypse and finds a seven year old girl named Clementine, who then proceeds to help him discover his humanity as they battle against the zombie hoardes. Whilst this is an interesting concept it does sound to this writer a tad familiar, Resident Evil 4 anyone? Whilst no immediate release date has been forthcoming it is expected that the game will hit shelves in 2012 on PC, Mac, iOS, Xbox and PSN.

The final bit of news in our Walking Dead roundup concerns something that the big kid in all of us will want when they are released later this year, Walking Dead action figures! Released by comic artist and Spawn mastermind Todd McFarlane’s McFarlane Toys, the figures will be based around not only the world seen in the TV show but also that of the world created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore for the Image Comics series.

The first line to hit US stores shelves will be in September and be based on the aforementioned comic book world and feature comic versions of heroic cop Rick Grimes, the fan favourite female butt kicker Michonne and a pair of Zombies. This line will then be followed two months later in early November by the TV based line and this will start with the Andrew Lincoln version of hero Rick Grimes, Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon, the Zombie Biter (So called because he was munching on a deer before being beheaded) and one other member of the undead.

Each of the two lines will also be having different designers with the comic book versions being able to have more artistic licence to reflect the fact that the comic series has had several different artists since its creation. Where as in the case of the TV line it will have to be more faithful to their TV counterparts are as McFarlane put it, “we’ve got to get it nuts on and as accurate as possible.”

But perhaps the coolest thing about these figures is that once out of the box you can actually take the apart and well dismember your very own zombie at will, minus the blood and gore of course. The toys will allow you not only to pull off the limbs and heads but also they will have internal organs for you to remove too. Early information about the aforementioned Zombie Biter figure also suggests that it will come with a deer meat accessory and a spring-loaded moving jaw, now how’s that for authentic.

The Walking Dead season 2 debuts on AMC this fall and I don’t know about you but the action figures certainly just made the top of this writers Christmas list.

What are your thoughts on the continuing of the AMC series? Do you want to play with the figures? Add your comments below!

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