Glee 2.0 in 2012

Following months of speculation and guessing, the creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy has confirmed many fans worst fears, in 2012 the current cast will GRADUATE McKinley High!

So what does this mean for the cast of the show, well, it would appear that according to Murphy, who  was recently a guest of a US radio show, the cast will be moving on and viewers of the next series will start to see a new set of younger cast members woven into the ranks of McKinley Highs finest show choir.  “We didn’t want to have a show where they were in high school for eight years,” he explained. “We really wanted  to be true to that experience.” Whist this may

come a disappoint to fans of the series it is also quite a tough move for the team behind the series as traditionally things haven’t worked out well when a popular cast are replaced by a complete set of newcomers, Saved By The Bell The New Class anyone?

There is some good news though for Gleeks as not all the cast will be leaving as in traditional high school fashion the

teachers will remain and so it seems that at least for now Matthew Morrison (Mr Schue) and Jane Lynch (Coach Sylvester) will remain to guide the new cast.

But what of the new cast? Whilst little is known about who will be replacing the current cast, Murphy has put to rest one rumour, it will only be one member of the current Oxygen reality show, The Glee Project and not all of them as recent rumours had speculated. The winner of said series will get a seven episode arc on the next season and then from there it seems they will likely feature as part of the new cast come Season 4.  That still leaves a fair few talent young wannabes to find and Murphy goes on to describe this as being part of the charm of the series, “Glee is a celebration of youth and talent and … finding those young unknown people and giving them an opportunity to break into the business and become stars is a really fun and exciting thing, and is the spirit of the series.”

So whilst you can appreciate the fact that Murphy does not want to have the current cast in high school forever and thus be a more realist experience for the viewer, it does mean that in fall of 2012 Gleeks everywhere will be seeing a new side of McKinley High and movie goers will likely be seeing all of the current cast in a variety of stereotypical movie roles or who knows maybe even Glee: The College Years?

So who will you miss the most? Do you think it is a good idea to change the cast? Leave  your comments below.

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