Green Lantern: The Animated Series First Look!

Following the somewhat mixed response to the recent Green Lantern movie (Read our review here) you would think that we had seen the last of DC Comics Emerald hero for a while, but you would be wrong! Continuing with their trend of adapting their iconic characters into multiple mediums, DC Comics and The Cartoon Network have unveiled a short trailer (See below for the trailer) for their forthcoming Green Lantern: The Animated Series collaboration.


The series is set to air this fall and is being produced by the DC Comics animated series guru, Bruce Timm and is styled in a 3D fashion that is similar to that of The Incredibles. The story see’s Hal Jordan (Played by Josh Keaton) and Killowog (Once again voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan) team up with a host of other lanterns and battle the Red Lanterns.

In the past DC has established quite a legacy with its animated series and with Bruce Timm in charge the anticipation and buzz about this project is understandably high, but for now only time will tell if the series is going to be hit and the countdown to the fall release is most certainly on.

What do you think of the Green Lantern: The Animated Series trailer? Is this a wise move after the recent movie? Add your thoughts and comments below!

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