Miku Found Table Dancing in Japanese Lab

miku table dancing

Clearly not content with using their glasses-free table-top 3D display for making teapot and bunny holograms, the NICT Universal Communication Research Institute in Japan has followed up their demonstration videos from SIGGRAPH 2010 with what is set to be a much more popular reason to buy into, yet another, 3D display. Meet the now table dancing virtual idol that is already successfully selling out at live concerts in LA.

The technology providing the platform for Hatsune Miku to dance on is named fVisiOn and is unlike any current 3D displays in that it can project 3-dimensional images to be viewable from 360 degrees.  This means, unlike the Nintendo 3DS, the 3D effect is viewable from multiple angles and simultaneously by multiple viewers.  It employs a conical-shaped optical device and the hologram is projected from a combination of over 100 individual projectors.  It  is capable of floating these images up to 5cm above the table surface so there shouldn’t be issues with any legless vocaloids in the future.

A look at the official video suggests that size is still limited to Lego pagodas and rubber duckies, but even so, that should be enough to send your secret Death Star plans to Obi-Wan.  And while you’re at, why not include some dancing girls?

source – NICT

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