WWE’12! Bigger, Badder, Better! But How?

When you hear the sound of glass smashing and which is then followed shortly after by heavy guitar riffs, what or rather who do you associate that with? The answer that should come to mind, would be none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin. Unfortunately this isn’t an announcement to say he’ll be returning to WWE on a permanent basis BUT it is something that’s just as good. So…are you ready?

It has been recently revealed that THQ will be releasing a new WWE video game for XBOX 360Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii consoles and it is scheduled to come out on November 22nd of this year in North America.  But unlike previous incarnations this year is set  to see some vital and long over due changes; the most noticeable one being that the familiar moniker ‘Smackdown Vs Raw‘ has been dropped.

The reasons behind this choice are given by THQ‘s Creative Director for the game Cory Ledesma, who stated during an interview earlier in May, that: “the franchise has been getting stale and in need of a reboot” and that it had “gotten to the point where the name doesn’t really mean anything.” Ledesma then follows with a explanation that gives WWE fans an insight on how the games are a reflection of the actual wrestling, itself and the company: “WWE currently doesn’t have brand wars, and the shows themselves are rarely competing against each other, so Smackdown vs. Raw as a name doesn’t really have a meaning.”

What then can the fans expect now from the new game and just what are these changes? Well,  by bringing back the WWE simulation experience, WWE’12 is looking to live up to its new tagline  and once again being “bigger, badder and better”. There will be a brand new Breaking Point submission system and more advancements in gameplay systems, new animations, camera positions and lighting arrangements all of which will enhance the game’s visuals further then ever before, so we are told. The gaming experience is also set to be completely based on the player’s choice especially when it comes to things such as storylines (including the return of the ever popular story mode ‘Road to Wrestlemania‘), WWE Superstars‘ costumes, entrances, finishing moves and much more! Talking of playable characters, the roster for WWE’12 has once again been extended and so players will be either to play as their favourite WWE DivasWWE Legends, WWE Superstar (Including for the first time Alberto Del Rio) or failing that you can still live out your championship dream with yout very own created character.

Also in a recent interview at E3WWE Diva  Kelly Kelly confirmed that fans for the first time will be able to pit their favourite WWE Divasagainst each other in Diva’s elimination chamber matches. Where else can you find beautiful women being brutal against one another acceptable and fun?

All that is left to say now to THQ,  the WWE and the retail stores that will be stocking and selling WWE’12, is: Just Bring It!

What are you thoughts on WWE’12? Did THQ do the right thing in dropping Smackdown Vs Raw moniker? Add your thoughts and comments below!

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