Doctor Who Top 5: Scariest Monsters

With the first half of the series 6 over and withdrawal symptoms well and truly kicking in, I have decided to take a look back at the past 6 years of the show and decide on the top 5 scariest monsters in Doctor Who!

So kick starting us at number 5 is an enemy that’s completely slipped my mind since their introduction…

What was I talking about again?

Joking aside, Steven Moffat’s latest creation, The Silents, have proven themselves worthy of a place on my scary list simply due to the abilities that they have. Wiping people’s memory of the knowledge of their existence whilst simultaneously influencing them through post-hypnotic suggestion is a skill that shouldn’t be taken lightly – it’s also a skill that explains where all of my missing packs of skittles may have disappeared to! Moffat’s idea works brilliantly  as there is a constant nagging feeling that we could be living amongst Silents right now – there could be one right behind YOU, right now, about to kill you! And you’d never really know. Scary creaking on the stairs at night? Silent. Objects randomly falling over? Silent. Random urge to frighten the cat? Silent! …Well I’m sticking to that anyway.

In terms of appearance, the Silents don’t look very intimidating as they’re pretty human looking, even going as far as purchasing designer suits to wear! Their oversized hands and heads, as well as freaky faces are what will make them stand out amongst ordinary people – a design choice that was inspired by both stereotypical grey aliens, and, more interestingly, Edvard Munch’s painting, “The Scream”.
The silents do not arm themselves with any weapons, simply relying on their techniques to survive, however they can reduce people to mush by firing lightning bolts from their hands when they deem it necessary, this process does take a long time though which makes them not very good at being a threat if you do have one in your eyesight – hence the low position on my list.

The number 4 spot on my list goes to an enemy who is responsible for two of the scariest Doctor Who episodes made in my opinion.
Residing under a black hole on the planet Krop Tor, I am talking about The Beast in the pit.
Quite obviously based on the Devil (“all of them”), The Beast was both a highly intelligent and evil enemy that made no attempt at hiding his desire to kill the occupants of sanctuary base six.
The Beast’s appearance resembles that of the stereotypical devil with red skin, a forked tongue and horns, however the Doctor Who version of this creature differs from stereotypes in that it is much larger than those seen in books.

What I found scary about this creature wasn’t it’s appearance though, it was the sheer power that it had over the inhabitants of the sanctuary base. With the ability to possess both people and Ood, The Beast managed to take over the base with his mind alone whilst his physical form resided in the depths of the planet below. He also demonstrated an extensive knowledge of the people on the base in order to play on their fears and fill them with terror – definitely a scary monster!
This, and this alone is why The Beast was given a place on my list, as I don’t feel that any other creature has had that kind of power in Doctor Who before, and it’s scary to think just what would’ve been unleashed into the universe had The Doctor not been around to stop it.

Right, so we’re at the top three scariest monsters, and I’ve decided that this spot should go to another Moffat creation – the Vashta Nerada.

The Vashta Nerada, aka Piranhas of the air, aka shadows that melt the flesh… there’s not much to say really, “Daleks – aim for the eyestalk, Sontarans – back of the neck, Vashta Nerada? Run”.
The Vashta Nerada are a swarm of creatures that will literally devour the flesh from your bones within seconds, and with the appearance of an ordinary shadow, you may never know just how close you were to any of these creatures, “Not every shadow, but any shadow”.
The brilliance behind these creatures is that once again, Steven Moffat is playing on a very basic primal human fear, the fear of the dark. There is no way to stop the Vashta Nerada, and unless you’re a 900 year old Time Lord with a history of destroying worlds, no way to reason with them either.
As I mentioned above, the Vashta Nerada have the appearance of darkness, and they disguise themselves as shadows to lure in unsuspecting victims. One Swarm did however get somewhat of a makeover when it adopted a suit, complete with skeletal body and neural relay communicator for walking around in.
Apart from the initial jumpy moment when the skeletal face revealed itself, the fear in these creatures, for me, has never really been down to their look, instead, it’s the fact that you can’t do anything to prevent your demise, combined with not really knowing where they are which has given these creatures a place in my list.

Onwards to number 2 and an enemy that nobody should have any trouble recognizing. Of course I’m talking about The Daleks, a.k.a THE SUPREME BE-INGS OF THE UUUUNIVERSE!!

While the “great outer-space dustbins” may not be visually all that scary (although the thought of having anything to do with a plunger is a scary one), the merciless nature of the Daleks (and powerful ray gun) is something to fear.
The scene which really opened my eyes to just how heartless and scary these creatures can be was in “Evolution of the Daleks” when 2 members of the Cult of Skaro descended upon central park and began to brutally wreak havoc and destruction on several innocent victims. All of this chaos then prompted a truly heartfelt plea from one man which would’ve no-doubt swayed most beings in the universe (I’ve checked, and a Wasp didn’t fall for it either unfortunately), however not ones for heartfelt pleas, The Daleks saw it fit to EXTERMINATE the poor man on the spot and without a rels hesitation!
The Daleks aren’t usually just mindless killers though, instead preferring to be part of a well organized fleet capable of destroying all life in the universe with ease thanks to their superior technology, technology that even allows them to travel through time, albeit in a much cruder way to that of the Time Lords.
Thanks to their exterior of Dalekanium and a strong force field, you’re not going to be much good against one of these dustbins unless you’ve managed to obtain an oversized ray gun (EXTERMINATE!), a “make Dalek’s spin around” switch (HUMILIATE!) or of course, you’ve got the heart of a Tardis handy (OBLITERATE!).


Finally On to number 1 and what are without a doubt, the scariest creatures in Doctor Who, another Moffat creation – The Weeping Angels!
Introduced in 2007, The Weeping angels stood on our screens as mysterious, beautiful, stone statues residing in an old run down London house. It wasn’t long though before we realised that these statues were more than meets the eye – exactly that infact, thanks to their ability to quantum lock as a defence mechanism.

The quantum lock means that in the sight of any living thing, the Angels (aka lonely assassins) literally turn to stone, but as soon as said living thing takes their eyes off of it, even for a fraction of a second when blinking, the Angel becomes its usual not-so-jolly self again, “…Of course a stone can’t kill you either, but then you turn your head away, then you blink, and oh yes it can.”
Following several creepy scenes of the Angels sneaking around London and spying on protagonist, Sally Sparrow, we were taken to an empty room in the house, in which The Doctor (via DVD) explained about the Angels, their quantum locking and their vicious intent – I know I wasn’t the only one that had several mini heart attacks in the scenes that followed!
It’s more than just the stone claws, fangs and creepy blank eyes though, it’s the fact that you have no choice but to stare at them, stare until your body betrays you and you simply have to blink, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Even running is futile and will only postpone your trip into the past – and of course, that’s only if you meet a nice Angel!
In 2010, Moffat brought the Angels back onto our screens, and with them, several new abilities and a no-nonsense attitude to killing.
Armed with the powers to copy themselves just by being captured as an image, and use this power to also kill people by getting into their heads, the Angels once again demonstrated that they’re not to be messed with. They also developed a liking to breaking people’s necks and borrowing their voice boxes thanks to surprising physical strength.
As mentioned above, the Angels have the appearance of beautiful stone statues and will usually be seen with their hands covering their eyes so as not to look at eachother. They stand at the height of an average person and would not look out of the ordinary to a passer-by, but if an Angel is in attack mode, their appearance changes from the innocent looking Angel to that of a savage animal.
The nails on the Angel’s hands elongate into claws, and the fangs in their mouths are usually bared in a snarl, definitely making them some of the most visually frightening creatures that I’ve ever seen.
The sheer power of the Angels – both physical and mental, as well as their scary appearance and the fact that you can’t hurt them has earned them the number 1 spot on my list.

So there you have it, my top 5 enemies of Doctor Who since the show’s relaunch in 2005, but do you agree with me? Or have you found yourself awaking from nightmares with another creature in mind?

Let me know in the comments!

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