Team Fortress 2 goes Free-to-Play!

Gaming giants Valve, the minds behind games such as Half Life and Portal, recently announced in their promotional “Meet the Medic” video that their popular online shooter Team Fortress 2 is going ‘free-to-play’. This move came as a massive surprise as the game is still extremely popular among PC gamers. The way that Valve will be able to maintain this system is through micro-transactions.

Micro-transactions in Team Fortress 2 works by the selling of rare items such as hats, weapons and accessories  for real money. Valve has reaped in profits when they initially launched this system while the game was not free-to-play and plans to maintain the game entirely through the usage of microtransactions. Since Valve unlocked Team Fortress 2 as a free-to-play game the amount of people playing it is nearing 100,000, far exceeding the frst-person shooter giants Call Of Duty and Counter Strike.


You can view Valve’s “Meet the Medic” Video below. Viewer discretion is advised.

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