The End for CM Punk? The Promo Heard Around The World!

WWE are always known to put on one hell of a special event and last night, they held an amazing Raw Roulette however, it wasn’t until nearer the end of the show where a moment took place, that surprised millions of WWE fans and viewers.

The last match that was decided through a spin of the custom roulette wheel was a Tables match between R-Truth and John Cena, in which after a lot of your standard near misses John Cena appeared to be about to use his finishing move to put R-Truth through a previously set up table for the win. But that was not to be the case as at the last minute CM Punk appears  and removes the table and the ensuing distraction allows R-Truth to get his bearings and put John Cena through another table to earn the win.

Now, what happens usually after such action, is a stare-down and a smirk on the interrupter’s face as they watch their prey lying defeated in the ring. Then it’s a cut to the WWE logo. However, when it came to CM Punk, it was a little different, as he shot an ending promo that easily could be named as one of the most shocking promos in years!

Wearing a Stone Cold t-shirt for an unknown reason, Punk began to unleash his ego stating that he is “best wrestler in the world” and that Cena is just “as good as kissing Vince McMahon‘s ass as Hulk Hogan was”. The wrestler caused an uproar by slating none other than The People’s Champion, The Rock: “I don’t know if you’re as good as Dwayne though. He’s a pretty good ass kisser. Always was and still is.” Punk then goes on to say that the difference between him and Brock Lesnar (since they were both discovered by Paul Heyman) is that he will be leaving with the WWE Championship.

Punk continues his rant by adding that even though he knows he’s the best “on this microphone, in that ring, even in the commentary” he is “barely promoted” through merchandise and doesn’t get a chance to be in movies or make a guest appearance on an American TV show. He also disrespected his fans because to him, they are “just as big a part of me leaving as anything else” and the fact that they apparently use his stardom to make money.

However, the worse thing that a wrestler or any worker in general could do is disrespect and talk bad of their boss/employer, which is what Punk did to finalise his rant. But in true CM Punk style, he stepped it up a notch and bad-mouthed the rest of the McMahon family labelling them “stupid”, but before he could go any further to exploit or ruin Vince‘s representation, his microphone cut out and the screen finally cut to black.

Whether this was scripted or CM Punk did this all by himself, no-one really knows but will this be the last we see of the Straight Edge Superstar on a televised WWE branded show? It certainly looks this way as a statement on from WWE Chairman/CEO Vince McMahon has since indicated that CM Punk has been suspended for “unprofessional conduct”. Although a recent update from said site indicates that a deal has been reached with both parties that allows CM Punk to “fulfill his non-televised live event obligations for the remainder of his contract” and both parties “have mutually agreed not to disparage one another.”.

With this latest update it may seem that fans will still get to see this talented young athlete more before his departure just not on TV and he certainly won’t be given a microphone in the near future either. That said, the whole speech could be a bold move on the part of WWE Chairman/CEO Vince McMahon and his creative team to give CM Punk the send off he wants and so richly deserves. Either way it seems to be a gamble that is paying off dividends as journalists, wrestling fans, sorry Sports Entertainment fans worldwide are chomping at the bit to see where this goes and it is likely that the next several weeks of WWE programming will be their most watched in a long time!

What do you guys think of CM Punk‘s latest tactics and actions? Has he really pushed it too far and put his future in jeopardy? Can you wait to see WWE Raw next to find out the repercussions of CM Punks actions? Add your thoughts and comments below after watching the video of the promo below of course!

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