CM Punk: The Little Promo That Did!

It seems that CM Punk‘s promo which was done at the end of Monday Night Raw last week is still the talk of not just the WWE Universe but in fact the whole of the wrestling business and beyond.  The promo which many consider to be part of his last hurrah in the WWE, has had the internet buzzing with talk centred around just how much of what he said were his true feelings and how much was pre-planned. Some reports say it was all completely genuine (or a shoot), others say only a few parts were pre-written and then others still, say it is all part of CM Punks last carefully crafted WWE storyline.

However the promo was created the effect it has on fans and WWE Superstars past and present since it’s airing has been incredible with posts appearing from both groups of  people on Twitter, on Non wrestling websites and on video sharing sites who are hosting videos of the promo, it seems that this part of WWE programming will not soon be forgotten.

So who has said what? Well during the promo you may recall CM Punk threw disparaging comments in the direction of  The People’s Champion, The Rock and ex WWE now TNA star Kurt Angle.  Who both of course, in true wrestling style, did not let Punk and his comments get away too lightly as on Twitter, Dwayne Johnson tweeted: “CM Punk: it’s simple business – The Rock is the main event at Wrestlemania cause it draws more money in one night, then you will in lifetime” and Kurt Angle tweeted: “CM Punk had a classic promo last night. Good for him. But if you ever say another word about me again, you’re toast! If you don’t believe me, try me!”

Although there were some negative remarks toward the promo and Punk, there has been some positive remarks made too, including one from WWE Hall Of Famer,  Jim Ross who reached out to Punk in a recent entry on his blog stating: “….Punk staying in WWE is something that I personally hope happens in some shape, form or fashion. Punk has as much as to say about that eventual decision as anyone and as we have seen if one can predict what Punk‘s going to do next then take those instincts to Vegas and make some big money.” While others such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels have praised Punk for bringing back old times and a lot of attitude. On the whole though most of the ex WWE Superstars believe that the wrestler has made history and made the WWE less boring and more entertaining.

Meanwhile  those who are currently climbing the WWE ladder and making their mark like Daniel Bryan have also praised CM Punk on Twitter saying that he “was a god.”  and former superstar , MVP , A close and good friend of Punk‘s has also added his support saying that the wrestler “had just had his Austin 3:16 moment”.

So with the internet still reeling and a new legion of fans now giving CM Punk the respect he has long deserved, the question still remains  as to whether this is short term absence or have we seen the last of CM Punk in the WWE? Only time can tell but I for one certainly cannot wait until WWE‘s Money In The Bank PPV to see how it all ends for the straight edged superstar.

What do you think of the comments made of this promo? Are you on Punk‘s side or not? Add your thoughts and comments below! And for those of you that haven’t yet seen the promo you can click play below to relive the moment CM Punks career changed forever!

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