Burnout races back to its roots with Burnout CRASH!

Criterion have recently announced that they are working on a new game in their Burnout series, a game in which “[They’ve] gone back to [their] roots.” Inspired by “pinball, retro music and game shows,” Burnout CRASH! keeps things easy with a simple objective, drive into a busy intersection, cause a pile up and then blow everything up.

Terrorism aside, fans have been waiting for well over three years now for the return of Burnout‘s crash mode since the 2008 release of Burnout Paradise, in which said mode wasn’t present. Criterion have only been happy to oblige by making an entire game devoted to the insane destruction. The game does differ drastically from previous entries in the series though, thanks to the unfamiliar top-down view that Criterion have gone with.

Burnout CRASH! also makes history as Criterion‘s first Xbox LIVE Arcade/Playstation Network download only-game, and players will be able to use Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor to take the action one step further on the Xbox 360. Speaking of action, there are three different game types present which each require different strategies in order for success, and players will then be able to show off their spectacular crashes on the game’s Crashwall thanks to the Autolog feature. Autolog has also seen an improvement in the upcoming title, as players will now be able to create Autolog Challenges – a feature which allows you to create your own challenges and send them to friends in order to compete in a turn-based head to head battle for the highest score.

If you’re as excited as we are for Criterion‘s new entry to the Burnout series, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s not long to wait, as Burnout CRASH! is released on XBLA and PSN this autumn.

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