Blu-ray review: Limitless

APPARENTLY humans can only access 20 per cent of their brain, meaning there is still some 80 per cent of untapped potential.

If someone was given the opportunity to access that unused resource using an illegal drug, the dilemma would throw up all manner of moral questions.

What would be the next move? Take the drug? Benefit from the added intellect? Keep it secret?

These are all questions asked of Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) in director Neil Burger‘s thriller.

Morra is an author suffering a severe case of metal block. With a book deal in the bad, he’s struggling to get anything written down.

When he bumps into ex-brother-in-law Vernon (Johnny Whitworth) he is presented with a small pill called NZT. A top secret drug that can allow the taker to access all parts of their brain.

After taking it, he soon manages to finish his book, become a financial whizz in the stock market and generally be awesome at everything – including learning new languages…quickly.

But his new-found brainpower doesn’t go unnoticed and he’s soon taken under the wing of successful businessman Carl van Loon (Robert De Niro).

Anna Friel pops up as Eddie’s ex-wife, and it’s apparent she isn’t doing too well having been using NZT also.

It soon becomes clear that the drug has a down side that drags Eddie into a murky world of vicious loan sharks and money-hungry entrepreneurs.

As Eddie struggles to deal with the side-effects of NZT, he takes it upon himself to turn the tables on everyone who is after him.

As expected, Cooper is great value. He’s typically charming in any role, with Eddie Morra being no different. Even when he makes decisions that are dangerous or ultimately life-threatening, it’s impossible not to root for him.

De Niro is always reliable, and as van Loon – the man who wants to do big business with the help of ‘genius’ Morra – he does what’s required of him without being spectacular.

is an interesting morality tale on the lengths people will go to get ahead in life and the risks they’d be willing to take to ensure they get there.

Burger brings a visual flair to proceeding with some impressive camera shots throughout that help reflect the ‘drug-induced’ state Morra is in.

Smart and polished, Limitless is entertaining – thanks mainly to Cooper – and whips along at a decent pace ensuring viewers won’t be given the opportunity to be bored.


Limitless is out to buy on DVD & Blu-ray on August 1.

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