Let Battle Commence! First Battle Of The Bloggers Teams Announced!

The MCM Buzz is proud to announce the first two teams that will be competiting for the honour of being called Battle Of The Bloggers champion at this Saturdays Manchester MCM Expo.

This qualifying round will see Team Times face off against Dog Ate My Wookie(e) & The Sock Robbers for a chance at moving on to the finals which will take place at the Birmingham NEC this November as part of the MCM Expo groups Memorabilia event.

Team Times is made up of some of the bloggers from Tonyo Times, a website that traces it roots back to 2007 when the sites creator Tonyo started publishing comedy based mock newspaper covers online. From there it grew to incorporate a YouTube channel which became renowned for its frank and sometimes controversial coverage of everything from the events of the day to convention coverage. Finally in 2010, Tonyo reached out to his sites community and recruited a team of bloggers to help him form the current Team Times and provide his fanbase with a wider variety of content that now ranges from Korean Pop (KPOP) to Cosplay and a whole lot more.

As for their opponents, the Dog Ate My Wookie(e) & The Sock Robbers team is made up of bloggers from the UK site Dog At My Wookie. A site which takes its name from a traumatising event in the site runners past involving a friends dog and his then beloved Chewbacca plushie. The website itself is described by it’s creator Clifford Green as having the daunting task of “Watching the bad stuff so you don’t have to,” and as such features reviews and news on everything from Movies to Videogames.

So who will win this epic battle? Will Team Times triumph? Will the Dog At My Wookie(e) team learn from their past and devour the competition? The only way to find out is head along to the Manchester MCM Expo this Saturday (Click Here for ticket info) and watch as these two titans of the UK blogosphere do battle.

Sources: Tonyo Times and Dog At My Wookie(e)

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