The Thing prequel UK release delayed until December

FOLLOWING the release of the trailer for Mattijs van Heijningen Jr‘s prequel to John Carpenter’s classic The Thing, it has now been revealed UK cinemas won’t get the film until December.

No official reason has been given for the delay in releasing The Thing – it was originally slated for a UK release on October 14 – but this revised date will mean a two-month gap between the US and UK showings.

The new film is based around the Norwegian research team in Antarctica who first-discovered the alien being before it managed to reach Kurt Russell‘s team in the 1982 sci-fi horror.

Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton, the stills and trailer released to date have been great without being groundbreaking, so hopes are high the new film will do its predecessor proud.



  1. windowsblastem says:

    whats the point in delaying it again for the UK? im gonna just download this, i hope others do too, its not right to delay it for UK and release in Oct for other countries

  2. kevin says:

    And they bloody wonder why people turn to pirate dvd’s and streaming movies from the internet instead of going to the cinema. Absolutely pointless why they have changed the release date for the UK.

  3. J Dth says:

    Well that’s shit, guess the whole of the uk will be downloading it ffs
    Been waiting years for this, now the times are all messed up again, what idiots…….

  4. M Musk says:

    Anyone got a link for a download???

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