Top 10 K-pop Songs For Summer!

Authors: Rhiannon R & Julia H

It’s August. Month number eight in the year. The one that precedes September and follows July. We wouldn’t have to state the obvious if it wasn’t so hard to believe. Let’s face it; it doesn’t exactly feel like the peak of summer. In true British fashion, the sky outside is grey when it should be cloudless and blue (and in even truer British fashion we’re bemoaning it).
However, every (grey) cloud has a silver lining and we’ve decided that rubbish weather shouldn’t dictate the season. Here at MCM Buzz, we’ve concocted a remedial list of ten sizzling K-pop tunes, specially chosen to bring that desired sunshine to your summer. So check out our playlist below!


1. f(x) Hot Summer

f(x)‘s ‘Hot Summer‘ was the perfect choice for this list’s top-spot. Originally a song by a German pop girl group called Monrose, this Korean remake covers all the vital ingredients that you need for a sizzling summer! Throughout the MV, the f(x) girls utilise dance moves and colour co-ordinated outfits and accessories to enhance the title’s meaning. ‘Hot Summer‘ is a blend of cute, sexy and sassy, especially during androgynous member Amber‘s fantastic rap in English which punches out the fierceness of the group. After listening to this song and watching the music video, you’ll definitely want to be one of the lucky few dancing on that fluorescent pink tank.


2. Super Junior Dancing Out

Sunshine, palm trees, swimming pools and a contagiously happy chorus; it’s hard not to feel like you’re on holiday with this one! It’s actually an oldie from Super Junior, released in 2006 when the band was a full thirteen-member unit. Seeing all the SuJu boys together might be nostalgic for fans, but all the same this stands as a timeless summery pop tune which will cheerfully lodge itself in your brain.


3. Girl’s Day How Do I Look

While the song itself isn’t especially catchy, its optimistic vibe and vacation-themed video earned it a place in our number three slot. The ‘How Do I Look‘ vid sees the girls cure a spell of boredom by taking a day out together. Unfortunately they encounter a sudden downpour of rain, but ever the cheerful bunch they go ahead with their activities anyway, racing down colourful water-slides and splashing around in a swimming pool (maybe we should take a leaf out of their book). It might not be the most memorable track in our list, but it’s innocent fun and has us craving a road-trip.


4. HyunA Bubble Pop

Bubble Pop‘ is the spicy dish on our menu. Sassy, upbeat and bursting with cheeky ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs,’ this is real feel-good music. The video sees sexy idol HyunA strutting her stuff in a number of outfits, accompanied by backing dancers, pop-arty lips and a delicious red colour scheme. Plus MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon cameo stars as HyunA‘s boyfriend, and of course he wouldn’t be Lee Joon if he didn’t make a shirtless appearance – just another incentive to watch this video!


5. 2PM Hands Up  

After eight months away, 2PM made their comeback this June with ‘Hands Up,’ a single from their second album of the same name. If you enjoy massive beat drops, repetitive loops, slick vocals and a tune that you can always dance to, then you’ll love this song. Also if you enjoy attractive men in flashy suits, fast cars, having fun with your friends and not giving a care in the world, then you’ll love this MV! Although this concept focuses on the night scene, it doesn’t mean that you can’t listen to it any other time of the day; whether that’s getting geared up to go out with your friends or to put yourself in the partying mood. The rotating camera angles and sudden jump effects add to the powerful deliverance and allow you to drop the stress from your shoulders and have a carefree summer. 2PM definitely deserved a warm welcome with this one.


6. ZE:A Watch Out

Nine-member boy band ZE:A (also known as Children of Empire) released this golden number earlier last month. This bubblegum tune brings out the cheesy smile in everyone and its mellow melody is very soft and soothing. The young lads are definitely dressed for the summer with pastel colours and fresh whites that create a nautical theme. The comedic yet cute scenes in this music video are also entertaining to watch; one of the main ones involve the band trying to win over a girl’s heart on a boat. If you are already a fan of this K-pop band, then you will have noticed the clever twist that ‘Watch Out‘ has included which is a lyric from a previous ZE:A song, Mazeltov. If the nine smiles and sweet gestures haven’t already won over your heart, then sit back in your car (or your friend’s car), roll down the roof and your windows and let the song win over your ears.


7. MBLAQ Mona Lisa

After the success of their first album ‘BLAQ style‘ back in January, the five lads are back in action this summer with new single ‘Mona Lisa.’ The song includes heavy influences from Western cultures especially with the use of the accordion instrument, which gives the song a Spanish flavour. Plus two of the members, Mir and Seungho, represent the Union Jack and United States of America flag in one of their costumes. In true MBLAQ style the amazing vocals, awesome raps and perfectly synchronised dance moves breathes another meaning to the word ‘edge’, that and the dance routine is also filmed on top of a roof in the music video. This is the perfect song to listen to on a cool summer night out so clap your hands together and move your head from side to side, because this song will create a fiesta wherever you are!


8. Block B Tell Them

Hip-hop newbies Block B have exploded onto the music scene with their epic second single ‘Tell Them.’ The uniqueness of this song shines through every part; be that the instrumental backing track or the unbelievably fast raps from the producer of the song and leader of the group, Zico. ‘Tell Them‘ is Block B‘s statement that they’re here and that everybody should know about it, in tune with the arrival of summer. The bridges and choruses of this song will put an instant smile on your face and unleash that energy that you never thought was inside of you in the first place. The woah, oh ohs of this song will uplift you and the banging drum beats will snap you right back into the hiphop movement. The music video will also wow you because there are scenes where the main dancers U-Kwon and B-Bomb showcase their moves alongside other B-boyers. You will absolutely find yourself bopping along to this.


9. APink I Don’t Know

This track epitomises the innocence of young love. It’s sweetly sung so it makes for easy listening, and the MV alludes to a sort of romantic daydream which is charming to watch. It features plenty of outdoor shots for a fresh, natural feeling, with the members dressed in white while walking among swirling pinwheels in a field and along a beach. The focus of their fantasies is BEAST‘s Lee Gi Kwang, who appears equally cute and accepts their gifts with a smile and awkward gestures. Its theme might stir nostalgia or fond memories in some – of first loves and summers spent thinking about that special someone. This one is definitely a tune to unwind with.

 10. Rain (Bi) It’s Raining

And to conclude our list, a suitably titled choice for another gripe at British weather. Famous South Korean R&B/pop singer Rain released his single ‘It’s Raining‘ back in 2004. The seven year old song was used to promote his first ever concert in the US and reach out towards his international fan-base, and what a great song it is! The groovy rhythm and breathy vocals will leave ladies lusting for more and lads envious, wanting to be the solo singer himself. During the music video, Rain takes centre stage and does what he does best by capturing everyone’s attention with his hip hop and street dance influenced choreography. One lyric symbolises the entire song: “now, oh! Let the music control my body.” That signifies that no-one needs to talk during this song, it just pulls you along automatically on the dancefloor which is what makes ‘It’s Raining‘ a hot summer hit! It might be an odd title for the list but it still makes us melt…


SO, what’s your verdict? Any favourites? We hope our ‘Top 10‘ has stirred some summer in your soul, and presented newcomers to the K-pop scene with a scorching selection of new material! Please tell us what you think by posting in the comment box below!

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