Johnny Depp to produce ‘The Vault’ adaptation

Johnny Depp

Comic book adaptations are currently all the rage. There isn’t a cinema in sight that is not showing a comic book based blockbuster or live action superhero flick. Now, mega star Johnny Depp is on the front line bringing them to life.

Ancient Evil

Infinitum Nihil (Depp’s production company) announced earlier this year that they would be adapting the classic Dark Horse comic series ‘Rex Mundi‘ and resurrecting it for the big screen. But this week reveals that Depp will also be producing the coincidently dark and ominous mini series ‘The Vault’ by writer Sam Sarkar and illustrator Garrie Gastonny (Caliber, First Canon of Justice and Lady Death).

The Vault is a sell out series following the aftermath of a group of treasure hunting divers who discover an ancient sarcophagus, which when uncovered unleashes a terrifying evil. The mythological mayhem is set in Nova Scotia based on real historical artefact hot spots.

Infinitum Nihil has teamed up with GK films (Rango, Camelot) to transform and tailor the story into a cinematic re-imagining.

Cover Art

To find out more about ‘The Vault‘ comic you can visit its Facebook page.

Is this a good idea, or will ‘The Vault’ end up as another Hollywood adaptation flop? Let us know.

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