The BBC sees Starz!

Following the recent successful collaboration between BBC Worldwide and Starz Media that saw us given Torchwood: Miracle Day, the two companies have announced a new long term deal to produce more television.

 The deal, which is estimated to be worth a staggering $300 million and produce over 100 hours of television, will see programmes co-developed by the two then produced in partnership with the Starz original programming unit before finally being distributed by Starz in the US and Canada and presumably by the BBC for the UK market. 

Whilst there is no news of whether this new deal will yield fans another series of Torchwood, this deal should leave fans hopeful as it seems that in the words of BBC Worldwide head Jane Tranter  they are in for, “more of the programming they’re coming to expect – intelligent, groundbreaking, and honest storytelling.” Whether this deal does deliver that only time will tell and for now at least, all fans can do is look to the Starz and hope for the best.

What do think of this deal? Have you enjoyed Torchwood: Miracle Day? Leave your comments in the usual way below. 

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