Run For Your Lives in the Zombie Marathon

No, this isn’t a night of living dead films, but an actual 5k marathon. The only difference here is that you’re not just running against the clock, but from zombies as well!

Run For Your Lives is described as an, “adventure race – one part 5K, one part obstacle course, one part escaping the clutches of zombies.” The race begins with each runner given a flag belt, with the flags representing health. The zombies will want to take the health flags, and if they take them all, then you die! Well, you don’t actually die, but should you cross the finish line with no flags then you won’t be eligible for any prizes. However, there are health bonuses hidden throughout the course.

In an attempt to reach the finish, runners will also have to complete a series of 12 obstacles dotted around the course, one of which involves navigating through a sewage system. Completing them will also allow you to win prizes. There are multiple routes to the finish line, with runners being advised to “run, duck, dive, and dodge” the zombies; otherwise the 5k run might turn into a 10k nightmare.

At the end of the race, you do get to celebrate your survival with live entertainment and music, as well as a free beer. If you don’t want to be a runner then you can volunteer to become a zombie. The Zombie Marathon will take place on October 22nd in Darlington, MD, north of Baltimore, USA. More locations are to be announced for next year.

A new short film (which you can see below) has also been released to promote the race, which will give those taking part some idea of what to expect. The event is sponsored by Warwear and Subaru (whose Impreza WRX car is featured in the short film). Run For Your Lives will donate a portion of every ticket sold to the American Red Cross.

More information can be found on their official site, or you can join their Facebook page.


Is this something you’d take part in? Would you like to see this come to the UK?

Source: Run For Your Lives

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