Make Your Own Nyan Cat!

There appears to be no end to where the Nyan Cat will end up, or what people will do to further popularise the animated gif. The Internet meme sensation has seen Nyan Cat cosplay, Nyan Cat burgers, and through LulzSec (who reworked the image on the background of their website and Twitter page), the Nyan Cat even managed to grace the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

Courtesy of Deviant Art user ddi714d, you can now make your own papercraft Nyan Cat Machine. The papercraft machine uses a lever to make it appear as if the Nyan Cat and trailing rainbow is bouncing up and down, as seen in the animation. The only thing missing is the music, which you’ll have to provide yourself.    

I decided to give it a go myself and actually found it rather difficult. Unfortunately this was as far as I managed to get before having to give up! I did not expect it to take so long, though that’s probably down to the rather basic instructions and lack of perseverance. 

Maybe you can do better yourself? If you want to give it a go then the materials and instructions can be found here. Good luck.

Source: Nyan Cat Machine

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