Attendees Continue to shape Cosplay at Expo

Over the last several years the Cosplay Masquerade feature of the MCM Expo has grown and evolved into one of the most successful events of its type in the UK and one of the key elements in this success (apart from the hardworking MCM Expo Cosplay team) is the audience and community feedback. This feedback is collected in several ways and one of which is the annual MCM Expo Cosplay Teams survey.

The survey itself allows participants (you do not have to be a Cosplayer to take part either) to give their opinions on a variety of areas, ranging from the way the contest is judged, to the actual entrance criteria. With the October Expo almost upon us, the MCM Expo Cosplay team have once again announced invited fans to complete this survey once again.

 The survey is available here  and once completed needs to be returned via email to

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