He-Man Returns! Well sort of..

By the Power Of Grayskull or should I say by the power of Dark Horse and Mattel, which ever I way I say it the outcome is still the same, He-Man is back! As to celebrate the release of the continuation of the “Masters Of The Universe” classic line of collectors toys, Mattel have teamed up with Dark Horse comics to produce a series of special mini-comics that will be packaged alongside the action figures.

The comics themselves will be written by Tim Seeley (Creator of Hack/Slash) with art by Wellinton Alves (Nightwing) and covers by Eric Powell (The Goon).  The story itself will pick up where the story left off in the original comics that came packaged with the figures in the 1980’s, a story and indeed continuity which is different to all the cartoon and other action figure iterations that have happened since then.

The story will pick up the “The Powers Of Grayskull” storyline in which He-Man must journey to a time in Eternia’s history known as Preternia, where he must retrieve a powerful item that will help him win the war against the forces of evil in his own time. This story has been dubbed by writer Seeley as “A tale hardcore fans have been asking for for years,” and one that, “ Is its own thing, sort of “Ultimate” He-Man, blending continuities and cherry picking the best stories and ideas from MOTU history, ”continues Seeley.

 For a look at an example of what you will you find in the comic then see below and to read the full interview with artist Tim Seeley about this project click here. In the meantime you can also head over to here to purchase these figures and get in touch with your inner child once again.

 What do you think of this idea to bring He-Man back? Do you still have your old He-Man figures? What was your favourite of these toys? Add your thoughts in the comments below. 

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