United Cubedom not going to happen?

Last month, there were talks about South Korean record label Cube Entertainment and their artists such as B2ST, 4Minute and G.NA coming to London and holding a concert in November. However, it seems that this idea might not go forward after all, due to the recent riots that took place in London last weekend.

On the August 6th, an event which started as a peaceful protest in Tottenham turned out to be the beginning of horrific and violent riots throughout the UK, spreading to cities such as Croydon, Woolwich, Hackney, Birmingham and Wolverhampton. Many buildings were set ablaze, destroyed or broken into. Some of these included popular concert venues such as Electric Ballroom in Camden.

Cube Entertainment were planning to hold the concert at Wembley Arena; a venue that is known to have huge acts such as Beyonce and Pink play there. However plans for this concert have been put on hold. This might be due to the reason that some of the English companies involved in the planning process are actually close to the areas affected by the riots, which currently makes it difficult for them to go through with the idea.

The supervisor of the concert, Caba Entertainment, has said the discussion of the planning process will continue, once everything has calmed down. However, there are only a few months left before the concert is expected to be held, so who knows what could happen. Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, United Cube has officially started holding and opening their first concert successfully yesterday in Seoul, South Korea. The musicians held a press conference beforehand, voicing their perspectives and thoughts on what they think or wish to accomplish after the concert.

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