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According to a recent report from the THQ WWE ’12 Community Summit that took place in L.A. recently, a new feature will be available for the first time as part of the WWE ’12’s aim to be, Bigger, Badder and Better! This new feature allows the player, for the first time in a WWE game, to customise the ring and the name of this awesome new feature, you guessed it Create-An-Arena.

As part of this feature the player can customise (See the picture below as an example) the floor mats, barricades, turnbuckle pads, ring ropes, posts, broadcast table, name plates, ring aprons and ring mat. Sadly the only thing that you cannot change is the actual entrance ramp/stage but apparently the default one for this function is not one to be sniffed at and certainly worthy of a place in any WWE arena.  

Sounds cool eh! WWE fans are sure to have fun with this feature especially those who enjoy having tournaments with their friends and re-creating their own pay-per-views, although it is worth noting that as yet you will not be able to use the customised rings in online matches.

Moving on and in a previous feature we covered the recent announcement of the full roster for the title and since then it has been announced that at least one of those names, Jerry “The King” Lawler, will be available as DLC only. This is interesting news indeed, especially because as we mentioned in the previous feature it is rumoured that Michael Cole is set to be a playable character this year. So could THQ be releasing a Commentators DLC pack featuring not only these two but maybe good ole JR and thus give fans a chance to re-create some of the WWE storylines from the last year? But with no news on how and indeed when “The King” will be available as DLC or if Michael Cole is even going to be available as a playable character then for now all we can do is wait and see.

WWE ’12 is available on XBOX 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii from November 25th and is published by THQ.

What do you think of the new Create-An-Arena feature? Which arena will you be creating first? Would you like to see JR as a playable character? Add your thoughts and comments below!

 Source: SFX-360

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