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There comes a time in the year where all the previous years newbie groups start releasing their comeback songs, and a whole new batch of youngsters want to show what talents they have, with the dream of becoming big. This year so far we have seen the debut of groups such as Dal Shabet, Bella, Rania, Block B, B1A4 and Boyfriend. And with four months of 2011 left, theres still room for more people to debut. Here is a list of some of the newbies threatening to steal our fangirl and fanboy hearts.


Managed by Soliens Entertainment, the group made their debut with the single, “She’s Really My Girl.” These boys have already caught the industry’s attention since there hasn’t been a ballad group after 4MEN and Sweet Sorrow. SLIM stands for ’sun light in the morning’, which I hope means that they are going to brighten up the K-pop industry with their beautiful ballad voices.

Soliens Entertainment commented, “In order to properly continue the legacy of 4MEN and Sweet Sorrow, SLIM is a ballad group made up of only the most talented members.  We’re sure that music fans will fall in love with their direct style of expression and the emotion behind their voices.” With the sweet vocals of the boys accompanied by the soft strings and typical ballad sound, lets hope they make it just as big as their competitors 2AM and 4MEN.

Kim Pil   

Loen Entertainment and Melon Music recently teamed up to launch a new project that supports the debut of rookie composers, writers, and singer-songwriters. The first lucky selection to debut from their exciting project is Kim Pil!

Loen Entertainment commented, “‘Oh Geun Tak – Kim Pil’ is a talented team of composers and vocalists that know exactly what the mainstream audience wants to hear. They have an identity all their own and have received widespread praise for their musical talent. Their biggest merit lies in their ability to converse directly with the public through their music.” With the release of their debut song “I Cry Like A Fool” I am near certain we will be hearing more about this team. Wether or not they will make it big is a different matter, but I am certain to hear their future songs on K-Drama OST’s to come.


Being classed as Korea’s version of Lady GaGa, Elizabeth have just made their debut with “PPAPPA PIERROT. With a hint of Brit Pop and a whole lot of a dance track thrown in, this duo consists of ‘ZENI.KIM‘ and ‘S. Cat‘. The music video definitely has the feel of Lady GaGa, but with the bright and wonderful minds of the K-pop industry, it’s not too over the top. I could very well see this being a hit at any club. Look out for the strange backing dancers!


Produced by Korea’s Brave Brothers, a big name for the K-pop industry. Since there are a lack of soloists in the Korean music area, a lot of hopes are pinned on this talented young man.  

His agency, Plus K Entertainment, revealed, “His title track, ‘Remember’, was produced by Brave Brothers and combines a piano with synthesizer sounds. It’s a medium-pop song that really brings out EI’s unique vocals.”


For something completely diffferent, I present to you Korea’s new age pianist Haro. CEO Jo Hyung Jun of Ogam Entertainment commented, “HARO has an emotional appeal that’s different from other new age artists. He presents a melody that will surely capture the hearts of fans of the new age genre.” Rumors have it that this piece of music named “Nightmare” was actually written and composed five minutes after Haro had a nightmare. He found it difficult to explain, so ended up writing this beautiful piece of music to express himself.

With the excitement these guys and girls are bringing to the scene, and even more competition for the past newbies, the charts could be in for a shuffling. It will be nice to see some different sides to the K-pop industry, as recently it’s all been about the Auto Tunning. Who knows what other entertainment companies have up their sleeves.


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