Bandai-Sama’s Hero mode adventure continues!

As promised last week, Namco Bandai have released the second video in their new Dragonball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi series, a series that is designed to show off their newly created character, Bandai-Sama.

The latest Hero Mode video shows us just how in depth the character customisation options can take us in the game. Unlocked super attacks can be chosen and placed on your character to form part of their very own moveset, thus making it quite unique (that is if  of course  you decide to do so), for example at one point in the video, Bandai-Sama had a moveset that combined Tien’s Dodon Ray and Goku’s Meteor Blast and Super Kamehameha attacks – A moveset which has never before been seen in a DBZ game.

This means that the players will finally be able to pick and choose their favourite attacks from the various different characters in the game, and put them all together to create a devasting new warrior.

Customisation doesn’t just stop with your character’s super attacks though, as we are shown that you can pick from different items such as “Health + 10”, to increase different stats about your character, making them anything from extremely fast like Burter to powerful and slow like Broly. Speaking of which, it also appears that transformations can be given to created character’s based on Bandai-Sama’s attempt to transform in the video, unfortunately however, we don’t get to see what this looks like due to the player not having enough ki to do so – it will be interesting to see whether transformations besides the standard levels of Super Saiyan will be possible in this mode. Selecting an aura type is also shown to be possible in Hero Mode, so there will be no worries about your characters not standing out on the battlefield.

One of the interesting things that we are shown in Namco’s new Hero Mode video is that you get to select a master to train under in order to learn new skills and – it appears – boost different stats about your character, for example, training under Tien’s guidance appears to strengthen your HP amongst other things, whereas training under Android 17 appears to prioritise in making you devastating in the super attacks department.

Make sure to check out the video below for the battle at the end if anything, and remember that you can pick up your own copy of Dragonball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi starting from the 25th of October on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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