Dragon Quest X Goes Online For Wii and Wii U

Yesterday signalled the Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary press conference set up by developers Square Enix. The press conference had hinted at a big Dragon Quest announcement of some kind, and finally, all was revealed.

The latest game in the series will be called Dragon Quest X: The Wake of the Five Tribes Online. The game will be granted a 2012 release on the Nintendo Wii, with an updated version promised for the Wii U when the console is released to the public. Square Enix has promised that cross-platform play will be enabled between both the Wii and Wii U versions, and players on both will be able to play co-operatively in the online mode. 

Dragon Quest X will be the first game in the entire series’ history to incorporate online capabilities. The game will use the Wii, Nunchuck, keyboard or Classic Controller Pro, thus allowing players to have a choice on how to play the game. It has been revealed that players will be able to speak on the online mode, but no announcement has been made on whether this will be simply text speech, or through Wii Speak.

The Wii version will be packaged with a USB memory stick, but its use has not been confirmed as of yet. However, there have been rumours that it may be used for downloadable content, or game patches in the near future. So far, only one screenshot from the game has been released, while the official Japanese website has recently gone live. No news has been revealed on whether or not this latest Dragon Quest game will set a subscription fee for its online services, or if it will be released outside of Japan, but no doubt more details will surface soon enough.

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