Ni No Kuni Trailer and Magical Edition PlayStation 3

Level-5 have released a new trailer for their upcoming PS3 game Ni No Kuni. The game has become quite noteworthy for being one of the first to be co-developed by Studio Ghibli, and a few of their distinctive motifs can be found in the new trailer. The PS3 version is described as a companion to the Nintendo DS version that was released in Japan in December 2010, but will include new characters and new areas.

The story follows a young boy named Oliver, whose mother, Arie, has died in an unfortunate accident. Upon crying his eyes out, his tears fall on a doll that his mother brought for him, which bring it to life. Named Shizuku, the doll reveals himself to be a fairy and explains to Oliver that it might be possible to revive his mother should he venture to an alternate world known as Ni No Kuni.

A few days ago a specially designed Magical Edition PS3 was unveiled to coincide with the release of the game in Japan. Emblazed completely in gold, the 160 GB PS3 has an image of Shizuku stamped in the corner and also comes with a gold controller as well as a copy of the game. The Magical Edition PlayStation 3 will retail in Japan for ¥33,780 (around £270). Ni No Kuni can also be picked up for ¥8,800 (around £70, making it one of the highest retail prices I’ve ever seen for a game in Japan).

So far there is no sign of a Western release. However, Level-5’s Professor Layton titles and White Knight Chronicles games have managed to make it across to Europe, so there is certainly hope.

Ni No Kuni is released in Japan on November 17th.

Source: Andriasang

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