The Inbetweeners Movie Review

The Following review contains spoilers!

Already a TV hit, it appears the Inbetweeners is set to become a box office success too. In its first full week of release it has already broke all UK box office opening week records earning a total of £20 million in the UK alone. The record was previously held by ‘The Hangover Part II’ which earned a total of £17 million.

The plot is a typical Inbetweeners one. After being dumped by Carli, Simon and the gang decide to go on a mad lad’s holiday where they find themselves in ‘Clunge–Heaven’. During which they all get horrifically drunk, ‘fight’ in the street, drown children, get conned, attempt to pull, fail to pull – excluding middle age women – party hard and there is a twist ending that will leave even the most hard hearted of a person with a smile on their face.

The Inbetweeners is the best comedy to come out of Britain for a long time and is a fantastic farewell to Jay, Simon, Will and Neil. Although many were originally dubious about the film, it has surpassed all expectation and is the perfect end to a chapter and manages to finishes off the series in true Inbetweeners style. With plenty of shocks, laughs, embarrassing moments and of course many of those awkward situations that only the socially troubled Inbetweeners lads could get themselves into and the ones that find the viewer not knowing whether to laugh or turn away. Needless to say the film is not for prim and proper, nor the intellectual viewer.

You could almost describe this movie as a coming (No pun intended Inbetweeners fans) of age film of sorts, as the boys become men realising that there’s more to a relationship than sex and not every girl has to be perfect. Jay finally gets himself a girlfriend after accepting this, and Simon at long last discovers that there is more than one girl in the world worthy of his affection – eventually. Even Will gets a happy ending (Again no pun intended) and refuses to believe what he hears when Alison, a girl he has regularly insulted the entire holiday over her cliché ‘Greek waiter boyfriend’, falls for him due to his persistence and humour. As for Neil, well, no words can describe him other than perhaps one and that is ‘incredible’.

The acting in this movie is brilliant, especially on the part of the three series regulars and this is largely due to the fact all three actors appear very comfortable in their roles and as such it is difficult to imagine them as anyone else. The writing is also fantastic, in particular a sad moment midway through the film when it finally sinks in that it is the last summer they will spend together before they all go their separate ways, as it is also at this point that it hits the audience that the end of an era is approaching.

The humour is as crude as ever with so many stunning one-liners from Jay (which should all be collected and published in a little book) and quick witty remarks from Will. The Inbetweeners Movie will have you laughing uncontrollably and is absolutely hilarious from start to finish with its gag-for-gag script and painfully cringe-worthy moments. The film does lack direction in parts, and it is a bit predictable at the end but it all adds to the film’s charm and makes a nice ending.

The Inbetweeners is definitely worth watching, and in the cinema there is a real buzz in the atmosphere – especially during the laugh out loud moments when the laughter can have a tendency to drown out the sound. The Inbetweeners Movie was a good move by writer Iain Morris and marks the end of an era in the best way possible. Never before has there been such a fun-filled, unserious comedy like the Inbetweeners and I don’t think we will ever see one again, so grab your wellies before you go, as with this movie comes the somewhat unusual guarantee that you will find yourself knee-deep in clunge  (Ed: Now there’s an interesting picture).

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