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Back in June, hit-song composer Bang Shi Hyuk talked about the new girl group “GLAM” that he was preparingThrough Twitter he revealed “Actually, GLAM is a group that is focused on vocals. However, it’s ironic that they will be available as one source of a program that creates human voices through a machine. Eventually, the relationship between humans and the machine will probably continue this way, right?”

Back then, GLAM’s member Dahee was announced as the Korean version of the Vocaloid voice provider. Meaning not only have they created a new girl group, but the debut song delivered to GLAM was actually sung by a Korean Vocaloid.

Vocaloid, the vocal synthesizer application, has reached stratospheric levels of popularity due to ‘virtual artists’ like Hatsune Miku, and vocals provided by stars such as Japan’s Gackt. They have now unveiled their first ever Korean Vocaloid named ‘SeeU’, who appears to have nekomimi speakers!

A demo of her official song, “I=Fantasy”, was revealed online on August 30th. SeeU comes with a Korean and Japanese voice and will be out in the Korean and Japanese market by October this year. Being a third generation Vocaloid artist means she has the new Vocaloid 3 engine, which will be an exciting piece of news for Vocaloid enthusiasts worldwide. 

Not only this, but with the release of something very different and with Vocaloid being a form of sponsor for the new girl group, I think they may have a lot more people interested in seeing what exactly this “GLAM” girl group can offer, that the Vocaloid can’t.

Here is a sneak preview of what could be a huge step for Kpop in Japan, and a huge step for the Vocaloid franchise in Korea. Not only that, but I can see many cosplays of this little cutie being done in the near future.


Source – Allkpop

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