Glee 3D not so glum!

So with the summer now officially over it is time for the movie companies to count their coffers and look back on the hits and misses of the last couple of months (ED: and likely to also decide who will get a sequel at some point in the future). And despite the poor reviews and negative press the movie received, it would seem that Glee: The 3D Concert movie has not only made back its budget but also made a profit too!

Suprised? Well if you think about it you should not be as Glee has an incredible following in both the US and globally. Also the tour upon which the film is based, was sold out everywhere and so this is also the only chance some people had to see it. There is also the fact the show’s fans would, like other franchises before it, gobble up anything with the show’s name on it like hungry little Beavers at timber yard (I am waiting for the Glee food line, Berry Burger anyone?) and so some would likely see the movie more than once. 

With these facts taken into consideration let’s have a look at the money side of this singing coin. Glee: The 3D Concert movie had a production budget of approximately $9million/£5,598,144.45 and in total at the time of writing, it has made back $11,757,653/£7,312,256.39 at the global box office, thus making its distributor 20th Century Fox $2,757,653/£1,714,987.26 in profit. So hard as it is maybe for the analysts to fathom, Glee has made almost a third of its back budget in profit and therefore it would seem 20th Century Fox has every right to class the Glee crews first cinematic outing as a success and so it would also seem likely that next summer audiences will be once again seeing the McKinley High clubs gleaming smiles pop out of our screen in glorious sparkling white 3D. 

Glee: The 3D Concert movie is currently still in some cinemas and so check your local theatre for details. Glee Season 3 returns to Fox September 20th (US) and to Sky 1 later this year. 


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