Glee Season 3 Promo Video, Pictures and Premiere Info

With the new Fall TV schedules just about to start, the internet has been awash with news and previews of not just the plethora of new shows vying to be our new favourite but also the returning ones too. One of these such returning shows is the musical juggernaut that is Glee and ahead of its Season 3 premiere on September 20th, Fox have released not only new promo pictures for the season (see the gallery below) but also the first promo to show actual footage of the new season and finally (at least for now that is) the name, a picture and the episode breakdown of the premiere.

The season premiere is called, The Purple Piano Project and the episode breakdown is as follows:“Will assigns a project for New Directions. Sue runs for congress”. Not much there that the fans didn’t already know, but wait, there are still the promo pics (which you can see below). Despite having more purple in them than a Barney The Dinosaur episode, it does seem that Mercedes will lead at least one number in the episode and that Rachael will sing another emotion driven solo.

Next up are the promo pictures (see our gallery below) and it would seem that Fox are definitely playing on the whole graduation/ year book theme in theme and there even appears to be a guest appearance from a Red Faction Armageddon weapon, Mr Toots in one?!

Lastly in our Gleek goldmine is the new 30 seconds or so promo and whilst I won’t deconstruct every little detail, it does feature yet another amusing moment from Brittany, two new catchphrases (You just got glitter bombed and Glee-atch) and perhaps the most speculated point about this teaser, Blaine singing with the New Directions? Yes you read that right, the leader of The Warblers appears to have jumped ship, as early on in the promo he is seen in the background wearing a purple shirt during what appears to be a group number. Since this aired the internet has gone wild with speculation, but as he and everyone in that shot appears to be wearing purple I get the feeling that we will find out in the premiere as to whether Blaine has decided to go in a new direction or not.

Glee Season 3 returns September 20th on Fox TV and this autumn in the UK on its new home Sky 1, in the meantime don’t forget to tell us your thoughts on this barrage of Glee information in the comments below!

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