WWE Network Finally Gets Announced!

It has been rumoured for years in the internet fan communities and was finally officially mentioned in public as part of stockholder conference calls. On Monday night the WWE announced to the WWE Universe and the general public that the WWE’s own television network would be launching in 2012.

Called simply the WWE Network, the promo delivering the news, which aired during a commercial break on WWE’s Monday Night Raw programme, gave little information on the exact content. Except that fans would be able to see classic matches, all of the WWE Pay Per Views and all of their favourite WWE Superstars would be featured on it. However, there was no mention for example about whether fans would be seeing either of the WWE’s flagship shows, Raw or Smackdown, on the network. In the case of Raw, this may be unlikely, as that particular show seems to be partnered with the USA Network for the foreseeable future. Smackdown might be a possibility, as the show has moved networks before and when rumours first surfaced of the WWE Network, Smackdown was one of the first shows linked to it. However since that time Smackdown seems to have found a home on SyFy and is a ratings winner for the network, so that option now looks less likely. Having their own network does give the WWE an advantage as they would no longer need to worry about having to meet the needs of third party networks in terms of their programming. As such this could give them more control over the content and therefore could lead them to provide programming aimed at a wider variety of audiences.

One other area that the WWE may be able to utilise to give them content for this venture is their ever growing stable of WWE funded movies. This ever expanding section would allow the WWE to show the movies directly to their target audience, and as such guarantee that not only would people see them, but also that they could make some profit from them in the form of advertising and sponsorship deals. The only difficulty here is that the movies may have to lower thier budgets in order to fit into this model, but if anyone can make it work then it is the WWE. After all, they are the company that pride themselves on re-defining entertainment, with their annual Wrestlemania event being a perfect example of this. Grown from a simple idea over twenty-seven years ago, the event is now the subject of bidding wars among cities across the USA all eager to host it; much in the same way that countries bid on events like the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup.

Content aside the WWE have also yet to announce how fans will be able to access the network and whether or not it will involve the fans paying some form of subscription, news that I am sure they will announce sooner rather than later being as 2012 is almost upon us.

In the meantime however it seems that all WWE fans and pundits alike can do is speculate as to what the WWE Network will look like when it makes its debut sometime in 2012.

To see the promo aired on Monday night click play below. What are your thoughts about the WWE Network? Add your comments below.

Source: WWE Network Facebook

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