The Human Centipede Part II (Full Sequence) Teaser Trailer

IFC Films have released a new 50-second teaser trailer for The Human Centipede Part II (Full Sequence), ahead of its US release next month.

The sequel tells the story of a Martin (Laurence R. Harvey) who becomes sexually obsessed with a DVD recording of the first film. So much so that he decides to make his own twelve-person human centipede.

The film made headlines a few months back after it was banned in the UK by the BBFC. Although IFC Films intend to release the film in the US uncut, the film doesn’t seem to have been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America yet. It’s already been implied by the Australian trailer released a few days ago (featuring people’s reactions to the film) that it’s been, “cut in the USA.”

Director Tom Six is already planning a third instalment (the Final Sequence) to be released in 2013.

The Human Centipede Part II is scheduled to open in the US on October 7th.

Source: Yahoo

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