Having trouble getting a hold of Xenoblade Chronicles?

Monolith Soft’s critically acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles was released exclusively for the Nintendo Wii across Europe on August 19th and managed to debut in the UK All Formats chart at No.7, despite widespread stock shortages. With unprecedented demand outstripping whatever supply online retailers could get a hold of, the game appears to have sold out, while local retailers struggle with limited copies.

In response, Nintendo UK have said, “We are doing everything we can to get more stock of Xenoblade Chronicles into UK shops this autumn. We know how frustrating stock shortages can be for people, and we are disappointed when even one customer cannot get hold of one of our products.”

The demand has resulted in Xenoblade Chronicles going for silly prices on eBay. If you wanted to try your luck purchasing a copy of the game from there, chances are you’ll end up outbid by an American bidder. The game is currently unavailable in the US and Nintendo of America have not yet made a decision on whether or not they’ll release it there, despite the Operation Rainfall campaign to try and persuade them to release not just Xenoblade Chronicles, but also Mistwalker’s The Last Story and Ganbarion’s Pandora’s Tower.

The demand from American gamers has also been fuelled by Joystiq publishing an article detailing instructions on how to modify a US Wii, allowing them to play PAL games, specifically Xenoblade Chronicles  

Have you had difficulty finding Xenoblade Chronicles? Are you one of the lucky few that managed to purchase the game?

Source: Nintendo World Report | Joystiq

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