New DragonBall Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi story mode trailer released

The latest in a wave of new Dragonball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi trailers from Namco Bandai comes to us in the form of a brand new story mode video which shows us just what we can expect from the upcoming game.

In the video we get to see significant moments from all of the DragonBall Z sagas up to and including the epic Cell Games saga, in which the Z warriors must defend the earth from the deadly Android known as Cell.
Despite thier absence from the trailer, fans can will be pleased to hear that the Buu and GT sagas will also be present in the game thanks to confirmation from Namco Bandai’s community manager, Tony Shoupinou, via their Facebook page.

From the trailer it would seem that Ultimate Tenkaichi will not only feature a world map for players to fly around and explore in story mode, but also cutscenes that will take the form of actual clips from the DragonBall Kai anime itself.
It is clear to see then from this that Namco Bandai and Spike are very keen for players to be able to reenact the anime as closely as possible with this latest title in their ongoing DragonBall Z games series.

You can check out the new trailer below, and remember that you can get your hands on DragonBall Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi starting from the 25th of October.

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