Prepare for 3D hunting with Monster Hunter Tri 3G!

It’s once again time for us to pick up our longswords, grip our hammers and load our guns as Monster Hunter is coming back!
Following the pattern of previously released Monster Hunter titles, Monster Hunter Tri is returning with much more content in an improved version titled Monster Hunter Tri 3G on the Nintendo 3DS.

The new game will reportedly feature 12 weapon classes to use and a new cover monster called Brakidios(see above) – a monster that boasts the uncanny weapon of an exploding forehead and limbs.
Surprisingly, underwater battles have also been reported to be present in the game – something which was not seen in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on the PSP despite the fact that it was released after Monster Hunter Tri. Potential online features are also rumoured for the upcoming title.

No release date has been announced for the game as yet, but according to Destructoid, it will be launching alongside and will be compatible with the new circle pad attachment.

Be sure to check out the newly opened site for the game here for a look at the first screenshots.

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