The History of Nintendo Book Gets English Release

Until now, The History of Nintendo, published by Pix’n Love Publishing, was only ever released in French. However, this 240 page book has now been translated for an English language version.

The book spans the beginning of Nintendo in 1889 until the early 1980s, and contains more than 2,000 exclusive photographs and illustrations throughout the chapters. It highlights the “forgotten” areas of Nintendo’s 120 year span. For instance, information of Nintendo’s humble card-game creating beginning, long before they ventured into the video game and arcade market.

The book’s blurb perfectly sums up what content is found inside this large book on Nintendo’s history:

“Presenting the Ultimate guide to the fascinating historical origins of Nintendo. This highly detailed deluxe publication delves into the rich and varied (and often forgotten) 120 year history of the world’s leading video game company.

For the very first time ever Nintendo’s historical product portfolio is catalogued in painstaking and loving detail, with over 500 card games, tabletop games, toys, electronic and arcade games all compiled into one superbly crafted book.

This deluxe collectors book details Nintendo’s humble beginnings as a playing card manufacturer, charting progress through the entire range of toys and games, including such legendary products as Love Tester, Ten Billion, Ultra Hand, Custom Gunman and hundreds more, progressing up to the first video arcade games, home consoles and game & watch series. Every card game, every toy, every product, meticulously catalogued and pictured, and compiled into a rich myraid of content that will literally draw you right into the pages in awe.

The book is a high quality collectible item, with 240 full colour glossy pages featuring over 2,000 exclusive pictures, and a plethora of engaging and unbelievably detailed documents, write ups and humorous anecdotes.

This is a world’s first — and the only book of it’s kind. No Nintendo fan should be without this book.”

The book retails at £24.99 and is currently available on Pix’n Love Publishing’s website, Amazon and soon stores such as HMV and Forbidden Planet

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