Monster Hunter…4? Trailer

It was only days ago when we found out that Monster Hunter Tri 3G would be making its way onto Nintendo 3DS consoles, and so it wasn’t a surprise when Capcom Japan released a trailer for a new Monster Hunter game on the 3DS.What did come as a surprise however was the title at the end of the video, which reads “Monster Hunter 4” instead of “Monster Hunter Tri 3G“.

Could this mean that there are two new portable Monster Hunter titles on the way? We’re not entirely certain yet, but by all means, make it happen Capcom!

The epic trailer for Monster Hunter 4 sees a lone hunter traversing a familiar looking landscape before bumping into a rather hungry Tigrex and being forced to run for his life. Just when he thinks that things couldn’t possibly get any worse, a Rathalos arrives on the scene to get in on the action.

From the trailer we can see that certain things like boulders will once again be destructable when Monsters charge into them, and it appears that there will be much more climbing in the upcoming title as well.
Perhaps the most exciting reveal of the trailer is that now, as well as being able to attack whilst climbing (Vespoid haters – our torment is over!), you can also jump onto certain Monster’s backs from above to inflict damage.

No date has been given for the new game so far, but we probably won’t see it until late 2012 if we’re lucky.

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