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MCM BUZZ – Movies, TV, Comics, Gaming, Anime, Cosplay News & Reviews » JRock: The Return of Anna Tsuchiya
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JRock: The Return of Anna Tsuchiya

Anna Tsuchiya is scheduled to release a Triple-A Side single this month, titled “UNCHAINED GIRL.” It will contain the songs “Stayin Alive”, “JUICY GIRL feat. The SAMOS“, and “Master Blaster.”

Master Blaster” will be used as the main OST song for the MMORPG game ‘Continent of the Ninth‘ and is a collaborative work between Tsuchiya, famous composer Kanno Yoko and Jrock guitarist MIYAVI. The PV showcases an amusing bar scene in which Tsuchiya is looking as beautiful as ever. Vocals are as powerful as can be and with the iconic sound of Kanno Yoko‘s music, mixed with MIYAVI‘s guitar work, this is certain to be a big hit. 


JUICY GIRL feat. The SAMOS” is a upbeat rocky song, that’ll make you tap your feet until you end up jumping around the room with your little plastic bottle microphone. Not only will this song be on the Triple-A single disc, but it’s also featured on Japanese adverts for ‘Zespri Gold Kiwi‘ and ‘Green Kiwi‘. The PV shows a slightly different side to Anna with a more chic rock look, but it is still placed in a bar. As a sly reference to the Zespri ads, she is even seen being offered, and picking up, a kiwi!

The final song ‘Stayin Alive‘ will be Anna’s cover of the Bee Gee’s ultimate single. “UNCHAINED GIRL” will be released on September 28th, and as well as a normal edition there is also a special edition, which will contain the PV’s of each song on a DVD, and will come with an application to go backstage at one of Anna’s concerts during her 2011 tour. With Anna supporting the MMORPG “Continent of the Ninth“, the first press will also include a special code for the game, allowing players to receive special items.

The female rock scene in Japan has been very quiet since Tsuchiya’s last single, so it’s good to see her back in the celebrity light again, and even better to see her with some new Jrock tunes. Hopefully with the return of Anna we can have a bit more Girl Power in the Jrock world.

Sources:  Tokyohive, Anna Tsuchiya Offical Website


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