Fringe: Past, Present + Future

 With Fringe Season 4 only a week away, FOX has been releasing a collection of 12 videos in the run up to the event, called “Past, Present + Future“. Narrated by John Noble, who plays Walter Bishop/Walternate, the videos cleverly document what has come before – starting with death of Prime Universe‘s Peter Bishop, and what is to come in the last clip “A Different Choice”.

As we begin Season 4 of J.J. Abrams hit sci-fi show, a series that has been described as the “New X-Files“, we see a world – a universe- that is different because of the choice made at the end of Season 3 by Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) who subsequently appeared to have been erased from existence. 

We see what the lives of the major characters would be like if Peter had never influenced them, As Noble comments in a recent interview with TVLine: “Walter is still brilliant, annoying and helping to solve Fringe mysteries, yet under constant threat of being sent back [to prison] unless he behaves himself — which he doesn’t.” Stand-offish Olivia (played by Anna Torv), meanwhile, never had the opportunity to warm up as a result of Peter’s presence. “She’s very lovely to me,” says Noble, “but very firm, too.”

So, to get you in the mood for the return of this fantastic series below is the complete collection of the aforementioned videos with descriptions.

1) Fringe: Past, Present + Future

An introduction to the epic and emotional tale of Fringe, narrated by series star John Noble.


2) Fringe: Past, Present + Future – “A Tragic Past”

Walter Bishop does the unthinkable to save his son Peter.


3) Fringe: Past, Present + Future – “A Tale of Two Walters”

Walter’s actions have very different repercussions for he and his alternate.


4) Fringe: Past, Present + Future – “Fringe Takes Flight”

Olivia Dunham is pulled into the world of Fringe Division.


5) Fringe: Past, Present + Future – “Echoes of the Past”

It is discovered that many of the Fringe cases have connections to Walter’s past work.


6) Fringe: Past, Present + Future – “The Other Side”

Fringe Division in the alternate universe is in an epic race against time.


7) Fringe: Past, Present + Future – “Over There”

Walter & Olivia cross over to the alternate universe in the hopes of rescuing Peter.


8) Fringe: Past, Present + Future – “A Double Agent”

Our Olivia is trapped over there, while their Olivia takes her place over here.


9) Fringe: Past, Present + Future – “The Journey Home”

The two Olivia’s are each desperate to find their way back home.


10) Fringe: Past, Present + Future – “Facing Destiny”

Peter faces his true destiny and risks everything to save our world.


11) Fringe: Past, Present + Future – “The Future Is Now”

Peter finds himself fifteen years into the future.


12) Fringe: Past, Present + Future – “A Different Choice”

Walter and Peter are desperate to change future events.

These are amazing re-cap pieces, and a text book example of how good marketing can keep people buzzing about a series and at the same time draw in new viewers. The one downside however is that now I am eagerly awaiting next week when the show returns to US screens 🙂 

Fringe returns to FOX at 9PM, Friday 23rd September

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