New Luigi’s Mansion 2 Trailer and Screenshots

Luigi’s Mansion was originally released back in 2002 as a launch game to show off the graphical capabilities of Nintendo’s GameCube, boasting impressive glossy graphics for its time. The game branched off from the widely expansive Super Mario series which has graced multi-platforms ever since its debut on the NES in 1983. Mario, Nintendo’s famous mascot, was the one in danger in the game, which allowed Luigi to take the limelight in his very first starring role. 

Luigi’s Mansion screams Ghostbusters, from Luigi’s “Poltergust” (a vaccum cleaner that looks suspciously like a Proton Pack), even down to the ghost bustin’ premise. Simply put, Luigi’s Mansion involved guiding this nervous green capped brother around a haunted mansion, eradicating all of the ghosts which are inhabiting it. Keep sucking up the ghosts, and you will eventually get to rescue Mario

This years E3 brought the news many fans of the original had been waiting for when Luigi’s Mansion 2 was announced. This sequel will be released on the Nintendo 3DS and offer more of the gameplay that made the previous instalment so enjoyable. This time around Mario has not been trapped in a portrait. Instead, Luigi has been sent to get rid of the spooks from several different mansions by Professor E. Gadd (the scientist who created Luigi’s weaponry in the first game). The principal idea remains the same: Luigi enters a room, sucks up all the ghosts, then moves on to a new area. 

Of course, Luigi’s Mansion 2 benefits from the 3D capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS. From the gameplay and trailers offered since E3, it appears that the ghost catching sequences greatly emphasise the 3D setting. For instance, watching a ghost whip around the room towards the front and the back, as Luigi struggles to trap it adds extra depth to the proceedings. 

Official Nintendo Magazine also released some great screenshots from the game, which you can view below:


The latest trailer for Luigi’s Mansion 2 demonstrates some of the gameplay expected on the Nintendo 3DS when it is released sometime in 2012. You can view this below:

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine

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