Glee Season 3: UK airdate and time suprise

Following our previous story about UK satellite broadcaster Sky TV winning the rights to broadcast the third season of the hit US FOX TV series Glee, Sky has now confirmed when the series will be debuting in the UK.

The show is set to be aired Thursdays at 9pm on Sky 1 starting September 22nd, a surprising move considering that the shows third season will have only aired two days previously in the USA.

Whilst many fans are unhappy with Sky acquiring the rights to show the series, previous rights owner Channel 4 aired the show several months behind the USA and it seems that Sky is at least determined to make fans wait a lot less.  This is also likely being done to cut down on the risk of fans seeking out the show by other means and thus decreasing their ratings for the show, a move which has recently been trialled by shows such as Torchwood and Doctor Who.  Another reason behind this is that Sky have reportedly paid a lot more money (£12million/$19million for the series, which should help producers considering the show approximately costs $3million/£1.92million per episode to make) for this season than Channel 4 previously did and so they likely made sure that the rights included a concession that allowed them to show the series so soon after the USA . One thing that is still unknown about this deal is whether, when the series is on hiatus in the USA due to holidays or other events, the UK will screen the new episodes before the USA; as has happened on the odd occasion with shows such as Sanctuary.

But either way the wait for the new series is nearly over for Gleek’s worldwide and so it won’t be long before their playlists are full of Glee once again.

Are you happy with Sky’s new direction for Glee? Would you have liked to see Sky make it available to Channel 4 for a lower price several months after they had shown it? As usual leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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