Hugh Jackman shows Real Steel on WWE Raw!

When it was first announced a couple of weeks ago that movie star Hugh Jackman would appear on the WWE’s flagship television show Monday Night Raw to promote his forthcoming movie, Real Steel, many were curious to see if and how this appearance would fit into the shows ongoing storyline’s.

So imagine fans delight when the Australian actor not only appeared to be super excited about being on the show but also accepted a challenge from WWE Superstar and United States Champion Dolph Ziggler. The challenge was simple, all Jackman had to do was, like in the movie Real Steel, coach an underdog to a victory over the cock sure champion Ziggler.  Jackman then decided to listen to the crowd and select the self professed internet champion Zack Ryder to be his underdog and the match was set.

Later on that night both competitors met with Jackman (Now sporting a Zack Ryder Broski headband) in Ryder’s corner giving him moral support however that was not all he ended up doing. As following interference from Ziggler’s manager, Vickie Guerrero, Jackson took to the ring apron and whilst the referee was distracted, punched a stunned Ziggler in the face, after which Ryder performed his finishing move on the now prone Ziggler for the victory.

With the match now over both Jackman and Ryder celebrated in the ring in front of a jubilant crowd and backstage somewhere both Real Steel and the WWE’s publicity teams were congratulating themselves on a job well done.

Real Steel is released in the UK on 14th October  and in the US on October 7th. WWE Raw is live Monday nights on USA Network. 

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