New Silent Hill: Downpour Trailer

Survival horror fans itching for a brand new, disturbing horror-filled game… look no further. Silent Hill: Downpour is just around the corner. Konami released a new trailer for the game over the weekend, which features a brand new track written exclusively for the game, and performed by Korn.

Silent Hill: Downpour focuses on Murphy Pendleton, a convict  who becomes a victim of a horrific bus accident whilst being moved to the nearby Wayside Maximum Security Prison. He then wakes up in Silent Hill and from here Pendleton encounters a host of mysterious locals and sinister enemies as he fights to escape from the nightmarish town. 

Judging by the trailer, it appears that Silent Hill: Downpour is attempting to re-capture the creepy spirit of the original Silent Hill, whilst combining it with brand new sleek, and downright disturbing, graphics. However, although set in Silent Hill, the game is completely unrelated to the events in the previous games. Murphy’s story stands alone, whilst some of the more familiar settings of the series, such as the hospital and school, are excluded.

The game will take place in a brand new, unexplored south-eastern region of Silent Hill. As well featuring the trademark combat and puzzle systems incorporated in the previous instalments, this will be gaining somewhat of a revamp. Combat will combine firearms with melee weapons, which like the recently released Dead Island, break through excessive use. As the title suggests, water will play a prominent role in the game, with constant torrential rain through the town, and probably in other ways also. 

You can view the trailer, complete with the great Korn track, below. Silent Hill: Downpour‘s release date is still to be announced, but will be released on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

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