Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Hands On

One of the titles with the most interest at the Eurogamer Expo was without a doubt Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The Counter-Strike series was insanely popular on the PC as a mod to Valve’s Half-Life series, and the game went on to develop its own devoted community that are still extremely active to this day. It’s been almost seven years since Counter-Strike: Source was released, so it’s understandable why there’s such a buzz about the new title. Ido Magal of Valve Software said: “We’ve updated all of our other titles now, so it’s kind of Counter-Strike’s turn.

I managed to get my hands on the PS3 version of the game at the Eurogamer Expo and got to play on the fan favourite “Dust” map.

In short, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive feels incredibly familiar to its predecessors. The series hasn’t succumbed to the increasingly standard FPS elements such as perks, instead sticking to its guns and remaining as a skilful, tactical shooter. Valve have even chosen to use the same voices from the original PC game instead of updating them, which means that every time a round ends, the words, “Terrorists/Counter-Terrorists win,” will bring a nostalgic tear to your eye. It was apparent when playing that the rounds will be won on skill alone rather than a power weapon or attack helicopter coming into play.

Despite only ever playing Counter-Strike on the PC with a mouse and keyboard before, I had no trouble with using a PS3 controller in Global Offensive. A quick conversation with Ido Magal revealed that the PS3 and PC versions of Global Offensive will be able to play together assuming that Valve can pull it off, however there are no plans to allow cross-platform gaming with the Xbox 360 version too.

When asked about how modding will work with the cross platform element, Ido said: “The game will be played on our (Valve) servers when the PS3 and PC play together, so there won’t be any mods.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has no release date yet, but Valve are aiming to have a PC beta of the game playable from October.

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