Mick Jagger a fan of Kpop’s Super Junior?

"Rolling Stones" Mick Jagger

According to a report on Intuned, Brit rock Rolling Stones lead man Mick Jagger was apparently listening to random tracks online when he found a song he could not understand but felt that it had a “pretty good feel.” After searching for more information on the song, he found out is was none other than Kpop‘s World Stars Super Junior. Impressed, he is quoted to have  asked them to “keep like that.” The track Jagger was listening to was from Super Junior’s latest album “Mr. Simple” and was titled “Walkin.

Recently Super Junior have been making headlines all over the world with the release of their fifth album “Mr.Simple” and repackaged album “A-Cha.” With Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul enlisting in the Public Sector of the Korean Army, and Choi Siwon working on his drama “Posiedon“, the once 13 member band are now reduced to promoting with just eight members. Chinese member Hangeng has been fighting a court case against Super Junior’s entertainment company S.M.Entertainment and recently fans have found out that after winning his case, Hangeng officially departed from Super Junior. Member Kim Kibum unofficially went on hiatus just before the group’s “Sorry Sorry” promotions, to follow his career in acting. And the last member Kangin was enlisted into the army on July 5th 2010, serving the mandetory two years, and wont be out until July 2012. 

Despite all these set backs, Super Junior has worked hard and managed to produce an amazing fifth album before going on a possible three year hiatus. With their concert “Super Show 4” coming up and confirmation of a Korean and Japanese tour, leader Leeteuk has been hinting via his Twitter account that “SS4” will possibly be visiting France. On September 23rd he wrote “Super Show4!!! Je vais vous voir en France !!!^^” which translates from French to English as “Super Show 4!! I’ll see You In France!!” Although not confirmed, fans have been going wild over this interaction with European fans. 

Super Junior made their comeback after 14 month break with Mr. Simple, with over 15,500,000 views to date, this video and song was one of the most anticipated to come out in Korea in 2011. Releasing teaser photos a week before its release, the boys certainly got fans hot under the collar with their bright colours and sensual poses.

Like any other Kpop album, there is usually versions A, B, and C. The release of version B of Mr. Simple saw the adding of the sub promoted song “SuperMan“. With version C there was a album name change to “A-Cha” which also saw the second single being promoted of the same name.

So it goes to show just how popular Kpop is really becoming. What are your thoughts on Mick Jagger‘s taste? Are you a fellow fan of Super Junior? Do you think there will be many more celebrities spreading the Hallyu and Kpop word? 

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