Interview with Moo & Keo artist Matt Dyson

“I’ve been doing comics for a few years now, but I’ve been doodling for forever,” says Matt Dyson, the artist responsible for Moo & Keo, entertaining stories about two best friends. The Rundle caught up with Matt at the Comic Village, where he took time out for an interview.


The Rundle – Explain your art style?

Matt – “My art style is basically as cute as you can possible get.”

The Rundle – What’s the story like?

Matt – “Moo & Keo is the story of two best friends, who are the bestest of friends ever, ever, ever! One of them just happens to be a cow, but it’s cool, because she’s awesome, and they bump into lots of different friends.”

The Rundle – You’ve a few little goodies at your table here as well!

Matt – “I’ve got lots of badges, mini figurines. I’ve got the brand new book with me this weekend, which is the first Moo & Keo Collection. It’s the first two full storylines in the comic in a wee big book. I’ve got a little mini cosplay comic this week, which is The Lion Cub, cosplaying as 15 different characters, getting into swing of the weekend.” 

The Rundle – How did you get this idea for the comic and get it to publication?

Matt – “They’re based on some drawings that I did when I was a little kid. A few years ago, a friend of mine basically decided to try and make a comic out of it. She bullied me into it, saying, “It’s really good stuff, we should write something together.” We wrote some comics together, and she moved back to South Africa, which is when I started doing the storylines. This is why the first storyline was in South Africa, which is kind of a nod to her. I’ve been doing it since then. I used to self-publish a little bit, but I was lucky enough to be picked up by Orang Utan Comics a few months ago. So Orang Utan Comics and I have just got the first book collection out now, which is two of the previous books all collected together into one. So it’s a bit better value for everyone, it looks nice in print. It’s a beautiful little book, I’m so very proud of it. It’s actually the first time I saw it on Friday myself as well! It’s the first time I saw it in the hard copy! We’re hoping to get a second one out next year and keep going with it.”

The Rundle – In the Comic Village there’s a lot of comics here. Is there anyone you’ve seen whose art you’re absolutely in love with?

Matt – “Oh, there’s a lot of people I love in this sort of place. Everyone is so ridiculously friendly. There’s so many regulars, there are people like Luke Surl, there’s Mikedraws, Phillipa Rice does some good stuff. Everybody does some really good stuff here, and there’s so many nice people. It’s such a great place.”

The Rundle – Do you find you get good feedback?

Matt – “Yeah, I do. It’s a really good place to come, just because of the people that tend to come through the door. I actually really enjoy just meeting people throughout the weekend here. I’m getting all the good feedback on the book this weekend, it’s really good. I’ve had a lot of people asking me to do doodles in it for them, which is really nice and I really enjoy doing it. I think some people are nervous now and again to actually ask for it, but I really enjoy doodling in people’s books for them. So please do feel free to come up and ask. It’s a guilty pleasure for me. It’s like graffiti that you get thanks for, it’s brilliant!”

The Rundle – Do you get it quite often where people ask you how you got into it?

Matt – “I had a guy on Friday that was asking me about it, and he ended up buying the book as well. There are a lot of people that just don’t necessarily know how to make it, the inroads into it. To be honest, I still don’t know; I kinda just stumbled into it! I think that’s the best way for people to do it. I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t think I’ll ever claim to know what I’m doing! So far I seem to be doing alright just pretending I know what I’m doing. I think what people have got to do is just keep on drawing. It’s the first piece of advice that anybody ever gets – draw and practice. It’s the first piece of advice that people seem to ignore, because everybody says it, but it’s true because it is the only thing to do. A lot of the earlier stuff that I did, while it’s really good writing-wise, my art work is like… arrgh! You’ve got to start somewhere, you got to keep going. You’re only gonna get somewhere like this if you keep going.”

The Rundle – And you’ll be back in May?

Matt – “I’ll definitely be back in May, and back next October… till you kick me out really.”

The Rundle – Finally, if the characters dressed up for Halloween, who would they be?

Matt – “Ooh, I don’t know! It depends what they’re going to do. Moo would probably dress up as a zombie. It’s happened in the past where Keo is ridiculously scared of zombies. In fact in the first page of the book, Keo admits that he got locked in the hotel safe, and the reason he got locked is because he turned on the hotel TV and realised Dawn of the Dead was on! So he locked himself away because he’s deathly scared of zombies. Keo… gosh, he’s scared of everything, so pretty much anything really.”

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