Hands On: The Darkness II

The Darkness II demo was available to play at the London MCM Expo this weekend, and I managed to gain a hands-on experience with it on the Saturday.

Anti-hero Jackie Estacado returns once again as the possessed-by-demons main character. The demo opens with Jackie, now head of the family after the previous game’s grisly ending, and is trying his best to leave behind his mafia lifestyle. However, as the demo proves, this cannot happen, with Jackie finding himself caught up in an attack whilst visiting a business partner. Left in a mess of gore, which sees him facing death, Jackie senses no other way of escape and so unleashes the darkness inside of him, which players can use to attack a surge of enemies. 

It may only be a demo, but it seems that The Darkness II is a vast improvement on the previous instalment. The graphics look brilliant, the FPS style gameplay is engaging and, if you’re into this, there is plenty of gore. Players are able to control one arm of the demon to inpale enemies with a variety of shining weapons, whilst the other lashes, grabs and literally rips enemies into two halves – horizontally or vertically. The demo definitely picks up quite significantly when the darkness is first unleashed, and players will get the chance to use this demonic power within until the completion of the demo.

If I am being honest, I did not have an easy time playing this. It appears that the difficulty has been upped significantly, and the gameplay focuses on surviving by adapting to the environment. One part of the demo instructed Jackie to rip a car door away from a vehicle to use as a shield whilst he attacks the surrounding enemies with firearms, and the darkness itself. 

The demo on offer for The Darkness II was an impressive one, which highlights not only the rather fluid looking gameplay, but also some great comic-book like visuals. No doubt many people will be willing to let the darkness consume them when the game gets its release in early 2012.


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